Riley plans to return to ND

Dietrich Riley had always been considering Notre Dame, but the safety from St. Francis High School (La Canada, Calif.) probably didn't have Notre Dame among his favorite schools. After his official visit to Notre Dame last weekend that has changed.

Notre Dame has always been very high on Dietrich Riley (6-foot-1, 195-pounds), but he may not have always been high on them. After visiting South Bend for the USC game last weekend, Riley can't wait to make a return trip.

"I had a blast," Riley responded when asked about his official visit to Notre Dame. "I loved it. I definitely want to come back and check it out again. I was stunned by the visit and I had a blast. I'd like to get back after the season. I'm not going to have time soon, because I have other visits planned during the season, maybe sometime in December or January.

"People were telling me how Notre Dame was out in the middle of nowhere, but when I was on my way to the stadium I noticed that wasn't the case, so that just shows you how people will tell you negative things throughout the process to make me change my mind. But I'm definitely glad I chose to visit Notre Dame, because the fans were just amazing. They love they showed me out there made me feel like part of the family. People were yelling my name and asking me to sign autographs. I hadn't gotten that anywhere else. It's definitely a moment I embraced and enjoyed.

"I was just sitting there enjoying the game as a fan," he said. "I'd picture myself in certain situations, but I was just sitting there trying to enjoy myself and have a good time. I was sitting by the student section and I was having a blast with them. It was kind of exciting, after the first touchdown they did the push-ups with me, so I had fun with that."

While Riley had his fun, he also wanted to find out more about Notre Dame. After the game he hung out with some of the Irish players and on Sunday he met with Charlie Weis.

"Roby Toma from Hawaii was my host," Riley explained. "Dayne Crist was supposed to be my host, but he had to spend time with his family while they were in town. I got to meet and talk to a lot of guys. I got to talk to Golden Tate, and shake his hand. I was pretty excited about that.

"I asked the players a lot of questions, like how the adjustment was from high school to college. We weren't really talking football as much, because I was following Notre Dame football. I just wanted feedback on their college experience so far. They left a good impression and they answered all of my questions. They weren't feeding me all this stuff just to sell me on the school, they were just giving me their thoughts and impressions.

"I was really relaxed when I met with coach Weis," he said. "He's an honest guy, and he's like my coach. He has a great sense of humor and he was really chilled. I just liked how he talked about the recruiting process. I even told coach Weis that I wanted to get back out there and that was going to be my last visit. I wanted to bring my mother because she's just familiar with just USC and UCLA."

Riley has an official visit schedule to Florida November 28 and USC in December. Top Stories