How can you turn ND down?

Kendall Moore was one of ten committed players that came to town to watch his future teammates play last weekend. The linebacker from Southeast Raleigh High School (Raleigh, N.C.) had a great time despite the Irish dropping another game to the USC Trojans.

Kendall Moore (6-foot-2.5, 229-pounds) arrived in South Bend on Friday afternoon for his visit and enjoyed all the activities throughout the weekend.

"It went well," Moore responded when asked about his trip. "It went real good. I enjoyed the whole visit. It kind of solidified my whole decision. I chose Notre Dame for the atmosphere, the football and academic combination. Everything was real impressive. I've been to a lot of places, but not too many place had fans walking around that knew my name. I felt the love and felt a part of the Notre Dame family. I liked that a lot. It was definitely crazy.

"The game was ridiculous. It was a roller coaster. We lost the momentum and then the end of the game was the perfect setup, but it ended up a heartbreaker. We got to come on the field for the last two minutes and stand on the sidelines. It was ridiculous. The electricity in the stadium was crazy and everyone was on the edge of their seat.

"The atmosphere was definitely wild," he said. "I was definitely impressed to see how many people participated. It seemed like every student took pride in dong the pushups when they scored and everybody was so excited about the game and they all wanted to win so bad."

Moore had a chance to meet a number of Notre Dame commitments for the first time. He was impressed with them, and hopes to add more talent soon.

"I was with a whole bunch of guys," Moore explained. "I'm really impressed with our recruiting class so far. I hadn't met some of them and they definitely are going to add something to the team we have now. I felt throughout this weekend that we all grew closer as a recruiting class. We all chilled together and we figured out where we were all coming from, so that was good.

"We kind of mixed in the guys that weren't committed yet. We were in a big group and we were all cool with each other. We talked about football and recruiting a little bit at first, but after that we pretty much let it go. We were just trying to preach that we were a family and that we were all looking forward to getting up there and do good things when we got up there. I think we might have made some steps in people's mind. I think everyone had a good official visit. I think everything was set up well and I'm not sure how you could turn (Notre Dame) down. Top Stories