No surprises, but Shaw impressed

Joshua Shaw is the top cornerback in California, and he was at Notre Dame to watch the Irish take on one of the top teams in the country last weekend. It wasn't the first visit to Notre Dame for the senior from Palmdale High School (Calif.), and hopefully for the Irish it won't be his last.

Joshua Shaw (6-foot-1, 180-pounds) was in South Bend last year to watch his brother play at Notre Dame stadium. Shaw really enjoyed that visit, but this time he was looking forward to getting the full treatment as a recruit on an official visit.

"Everything went well, as I expect it to," Shaw said. "Being a recruit and being known by fans was a big difference compared to the last time I was there. I got to see everything. It wasn't just about the football game for me. The thing that stood out to me a lot though, is that out of all the schools that I've been to, the people there care the most about Notre Dame. People care about other people and really care about the football team and that's great.

"Just going through all the meetings I had, if you go to Notre Dame, you know you won't fail. You will succeed no matter what. All the academic support you get is great. You get all the tutoring. Talking to the students they said if you struggle in the classroom, just take a couple minutes and talk to the professor and they'll sit down and take time with you. The degree you get from Notre Dame is loud."

Shaw was late arriving to campus on Saturday, and missed one of the things he was looking forward to most.

"(Recruits) said that ‘the walk' was crazy," Shaw explained. "Even the players on the team talk about ‘the walk', and how crazy it is with the fans reaching out and giving everyone hi-fives.

"I think I got along pretty good with the players. Everyone was pretty cool. Everybody was good people. You could tell they knew how to conduct themselves. Being away from the coaches they're going to be themselves, and you're going to see the real person. They won't lie to you either if you ask them questions. All the guys at Notre Dame, from what saw, they were all good guys.

"My first night my host was Robert Blanton. Talking to Robert, he was upset with himself because he left a couple plays out there on the field. I remember one of them, if he had caught that interception across the field he would have had a touchdown. He makes that play and it's a whole new ballgame. USC could say the same thing though I suppose.

"The second night Manti Te'o was my host," Josh said. "He's a freshman starter and he doesn't have an ego or anything. He's a real cool dude and he just let me know that if I come to Notre Dame that I'd definitely have a family."

Shaw definitely wants to play for a top program, but he doesn't necessarily believe winning and losing distinguishes a program.

"It's not a big deal," Shaw said of Notre Dame's 34-27 loss to USC. "It's not about who wins and who loses. Just because a team won doesn't mean that they're the fit for me for the next four years.

"I think coach Weis said it best, if people watch them around the country, it's a fact that they're a team that will not give up. They're going to fight to the end. They were down three touchdowns by on e of the top teams in the country and they're still going to give it a shot and they're going to go full speed for four quarters… that's Notre Dame's mentality. That's something you need if you want to be a big-dog." Top Stories