Rees will be in town for BC

Quarterback Tommy Rees will be playing his last game for Lake Forest High School (Ill.) Friday night. After that he'll likely turn his attention to his future team… in fact he'll be in town to watch the Irish play Boston College on Saturday.

Tommy Rees(6-foot-3, 192-pounds) had been planning to visit Notre Dame for the USC game last weekend, but he struggled to make it through his game the night before.

"We lost Friday night," Rees explained. "I had pneumonia, so I wasn't at full strength. It was kind of a struggle; it was one of those games where we kind of got outworked and got beat. I was planning on going to the Notre Dame-USC game last weekend, but we had practice that morning and since I didn't feel great, I decided to stay home and watch it. I kind of regret that decision with how great that game was. I plan on coming up for the BC game now that I feel better with a couple friends to see a good game and see a good win.

Obviously Notre Dame's offense started out slow, but they picked it up in the fourth quarter. They showed how resilient they are by coming back like that. If they make a play at the end they could have sent it into overtime, but it didn't work out. If you believe in moral victories, that's as close as you can get to one."

The Irish were trailing by three scores a couple minutes into the fourth quarter, but Rees had faith Notre Dame would pull it out.

"I knew there was enough time left when it was 34-14," Rees explained. "At that time they just needed to get a play from the defense and then they got that interception and then they scored. That really helped giving the offense a short field and save some clock. When they got the ball back and were down by seven, I had all the confidence in the world in their offense and Jimmy (Clausen) to move it down there and make a play.

"Obviously the last few plays didn't work out, but (Robby) Parris made a huge play on a fourth down and Golden caught that skinny post; those guys stepped up real big to help out the team. You also have to give the credit to Jimmy. He's done an absolutely great job putting the ball where they can catch it and making great decisions, leading the team and taking the burden on his shoulders. He's been really fun to watch.

"It's really exciting to think about the weapons I'll be able to throw the ball to," he said. "I have to adjust to them first, and get the timing down, but I'm really excited about being able to work with the talent they have there. " Top Stories