Lueders is solid on his commitment

Blake Lueders has been to Notre Dame several times, and this visit was as good as any. The defensive end from Zionsville Community High School (Ind.) made his official visit to Notre Dame last weekend.

Blake Lueders (6-foot-5, 250-pounds) has been to Notre Dame enough now that his official visit had nothing to do with learning about the school. He was in South Bend to watch a great college football game and hang out with some of his future teammates.

"It went great," Lueders responded when asked about his official visit. "I missed the pregame for the recruiting stuff, but I got on the field before the game to watch the team warm up. We watched the game. It was obviously an exciting game. I had a lot of fun. I sat next to Chris Badger and Brandon Linder, both two really good guys. I had a fun time talking to them. Afterwards, we had dinner with a bunch of other recruits and heard coach Weis talk. I stayed that night with my host Mike Golic, which was good. I hung out with him and Kyle Rudolph and Alex Welch. It was a fun night.

"The atmosphere was great and the all the fans were going crazy, which was real cool to see. I've got to give Notre Dame a lot of credit, when they came back from being down 20 points… that's hard to do and extremely impressive. I'm just glad to know that I'm going to be playing on a team with guy that can do that, and who are willing to fight back."

"I thought the defense played well," Lueders explained. "USC is a team that has so many offensive weapons and a bunch of talent, sp they're going to score points, but the defense came up big when they needed to and that's what matters." Top Stories