Holding pattern

Notre Dame made a big impression on Toney Hurd when he made his official visit a month ago. The cornerback from Marshall High School (Missouri City, Texas) hasn't taken any visits since that time and the Irish are holding strong.

Notre Dame, Oregon and Texas A&M appear to be the schools in the best position to land Toney Hurd (5-foot-9, 185-pounds) at this time. Hurd gave the Irish glowing reviews when he returned from his official visit and that glow doesn't appear to be wearing off.

"I'd have to say that Notre Dame is sitting pretty good I my eyes," Hurd said. "I wouldn't say they're the frontrunner, but I wouldn't say that they're behind anyone either. I'd just say that they're sitting pretty right now.

"I've been in contact with the coaches a lot lately; just conversing and going over things. We talk about how I'm playing, how my family is doing and things of that sort. I've been in touch with coach Brown and coach Ianello."

Like the Michigan State game he was on hand to watch, the Irish have gone down to the wire the last four games.

"I actually recorded the USC game," Hurd explained. "I always watch it to see how the defensive backs play. The Boston College game, I had a game the same day, but my coaches kept me in tune to what was going on."

Hurd had been considering taking additional official visits, but at this time, those plans are on hold.

"No I haven't," Toney responded when asked about his visit schedule. "As of right now I'm just sitting back and relaxing. I haven't done anything yet.

"Right now I'm just trying to finish up my season, trying to end up on a pretty good note and to just stay healthy. We've only won one game this year. There were a lot of games where we went up early, but we just couldn't finish. As far as our record, it isn't pretty at all. The playoffs are out of the question and next week is our last game of the season."

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