ND looking at junior QB

Notre Dame is bringing n two quarterback sin the 2010 recruiting class, but they're already searching for the right guy to sign for the 2011 class. Price Litton is a junior quarterback from Providence Day School (Charlotte, N.C.) and he's already taken a couple trips to South Bend.

It's never too early for Notre Dame to get a look at potential quarterbacks and Price Litton (6-foot-3, 215-pounds) looks to be a one of their main recruiting targets for the 2011 recruiting class.

"I came out there this summer for a one-day camp to see the campus and meet the coaches," Litton said. "I did a one-day workout. I also went up there for the Southern Cal game, so that was the second time I was out there.

"Coach Corwin Brown came down to the school a couple times and I got to know him. He watched me workout and he watched our practice and he really liked what he saw. Apparently I impressed him enough and when he went back, he told everyone about me. He got me up there this summer. I got to meet coach Powlus and all the other coaches. I had a pretty good workout.

"While I was there I was lucky enough to meet Jimmy Clausen, Dayne Crist, Kyle Rudolph, Braxston Cave, and Mike Golic," Litton said. "They're a really good group of guys that I've kept in touch with. They've reached out to me, and they really didn't have to do that, but it's really cool to have contacts like that and I've actually made some pretty good friends out of it."

It was fairly quiet around the Notre Dame campus when Litton made his first visit, so it was difficult for him to get a feel for the atmosphere. That wasn't a problem when he returned for the USC game.

"Being in the actual stadium with all the fans is almost like stepping back in time," Litton explained. There's no fancy JumboTron, the field isn't all painted up, and there isn't instant replay. There's just a scoreboard, grass, bleachers, and the fans are right there. It's really, really cool. The student section was crazy. You go to other games and they have the music playing loud to get the crowd pumped up, but they didn't have that at Notre Dame… it's just the fans and I really like that.

"It's a family atmosphere and everybody tailgates up there," Litton said. "I'm from the South and the that's only the second time that I've been in the North. It's different, but it's amazing, because the minute you pull in there's a 100,000 people swarming everywhere. All you see is green and blue, and the fans tailgating. It's pretty cool. I really liked it. It's a beautiful campus. It's got a lot of tradition, and there's so much history."

Litton has seen a number of the Notre Dame games on TV this season, and likes what coach Weis does on offense. In fact it's something similar to what he sees day in and day out.

"Their offense is pretty much the offense that we run," Litton said. "My coach (Bruce Harden) has had coaching clinics with (the Notre Dame coaches) and I love the offense that they run. He went with me to the USC game and we just sat up there and talked about Jimmy and talked about certain reads and which plays would be good, so it was good having him there with me.

"They haven't said that they're going to offer me, but they've shown a lot of interest and they've talked to my coach a lot. Coach Brown has told me some things that tell me that they're serious. I think they're waiting to see how the rest of the year goes and see how I develop on the field. There's a big difference in going to the camps and being a standout at the camps and then actually putting on the pads and making plays and making the right reads. They just want to see the whole picture, because they're investing a lot of money, and they want to make sure they get the right guy for the job."

Litton hasn't landed a scholarship offer as of yet, but that will likely only be a matter of time. Clemson and Georgia are pursuing also Price heavily.

"I'm taking this recruiting process and going into it really opened-minded and looking at all the different options," he said. "Going up North to play at Notre Dame would be a big step, but I'm really keeping my options open right now and seeing what everyone has to offer and seeing where I would fit in best."

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