An early opportunity for Rees

It is likely that Notre Dame will be in short supply at quarterback this spring due to injury and the possibility of Jimmy Clausen heading to the NFL. Quarterback Tommy Rees of Lake Forest High School (Ill.) sees the opportunity to get adjusted to the college game, and is contemplating early high school graduation, in order to be on campus for spring football practice.

Tommy Rees (6-foot-3, 192-pounds) lives in the Chicagoland area so he has heard plenty of chatter about the possibility of a coaching change occurring at Notre Dame. Despite all the speculation Rees would prefer to stay above the fray.

"In my mind, nothing has changed," Rees responded when asked about the possibility of a coaching change at Notre Dame. "Just because of a couple loses, I'm not going to de-commit. I committed to Notre Dame for a reason and I'm holding to it right now.

"I don't really want to comment on the coaching situation until something happens. I don't think it would affect my decision that much. I really like coach Weis and nothing has been done, so I'm really not going to say any more on that. If something did happen, I'd still be committed to Notre Dame."

This spring Notre Dame could very well be without a true quarterback during spring football. Sophomore Dayne Crist had knee surgery recently and he will likely be sidelined until the summer. If Jimmy Clausen opts for the NFL, the Irish would need to pull players from other positions to run their offense. Knowing that, the Irish staff recently asked Rees if he would be interested in enrolling at Notre Dame in January.

"I talked to coach Ianello and coach Weis about it," Rees explained. "I'm doing everything to prepare to come in early, so that I'd have all the requirements taken care of for school. I still haven't decided, but I'm just trying to get all those things done, because it is a possibility. I haven't set a date (to decided), but it would obviously have to be made before the deadline. I'd have to decide before January 10, I believe.

"They brought it up to me even before Dayne Crist got injured. Then once the injury did happen they brought it up to me again. It's not something that I planned on doing, but it's hard to pass up an opportunity like that.

"Obviously I'd be able to come in and learn the system early," he said. "So that way when I came back in the summer, I could just come in and play instead of having to learn everything. Obviously with Dayne's injury; I'm not sure what Jimmy's going to decide, but there's an opportunity to get a good amount of reps. Spring ball wouldn't be for a couple months, so I'd be able to work out with the receivers, throw some routes and get adjusted to things. The ultimate goal is to be the quarterback, whether it's five years or five months from now and graduating early with definitely help." Top Stories