Lombard good as gold

Christian Lombard was Notre Dame's first commitment of the 2010 recruiting class, and he has no plans of changing that. The offensive lineman from Fremd High School (Palatine, Ill.) understands the Irish are struggling, but he has faith that their fortunes will change.

Living in the Chicagoland area Christian Lombard (6-foot-5, 280-pounds) has heard all the rumors of the potential coaching changes at Notre Dame, but he's trying to tune them out.

"I think they're doing the best that they can," Lombard said of Notre Dame's struggles. "They've had some injuries. I think they're in a good mindset. They're going to keep fighting. They're not going to give up on their season, even though in some people's eyes it's a disappointment. They're fighting hard and they have a great team. They're just not catching the breaks right now. It's just the way it goes though. They've been in a lot of big games and a lot of close games. That's just football. They're just going to keep fighting and make it to a good bowl game.

"If they do end up making a coaching change, it's not going to affect my decision. I went to Notre Dame because of Notre Dame. I don't think coach Weis would want it any different. Other than that I don't really want to comment on it, because I don't know enough about the situation.

Unfortunately Lombard understands the disappointment that the Notre Dame players are going through. After rolling through the regular season, his senior season ended with an early playoff loss.

"The team we played was really good," Lombard explained. "We're not down about that game though, we're celebrating the kind of team we had. We had a great team and great team chemistry. This is by far the best team that I've been a part of and these guys will be my friends for the rest of my life. The big thing with us wasn't football, it was learning life lessons and that's one of the big things that our coaches tried to instill in us. I think it really worked out well."

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