Two down, two to go

Notre Dame is still looking for a couple defensive linemen for the 2010 recruiting class and Beau Allen is one of their top targets. The senior from Minnetonka High School (Minn.) has already taken two official visits and he has two remaining.

Beau Allen (6-foot-3, 293-pounds) has narrowed his list of schools to Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Stanford. The defensive tackle has seen two of those schools, and is he's planning to see the other two in the coming weeks.

"I've taken two visits so far to Wisconsin and Notre Dame," Allen said. "If all goes well, I'll take two more to Minnesota and Stanford. I'm trying to figure that out now. I've already rescheduled them a couple times now. Hopefully I can get that figured out and I can get my visits taken care of and I can hopefully make my decision sooner.

"I feel pretty good about things with Notre Dame. I think the visit was pretty informative. I had a really good time. I feel pretty good about Notre Dame and where I am with them and where they are with me. After the visit, I think they're in a good spot right now.

"I haven't spoken to them about the speculation of a change in their staff, so I don't feel quite as informed about the situation as I could be," Allen explained. "I think the way things are with college programs, a player goes to a school for a lot more reasons than the coaching staff. The coaching staff is an important part of his life, but there are some other important things like the school, academics, people in the program, the players and stuff like that. Coaching staffs change a lot. I wouldn't say a player would go to a school just because of a coaching staff. I think there are a lot more things involved in the decision.

"I feel I'm in a similar situation with Notre Dame and Wisconsin. I took a visit to Wisconsin a while back for the Wofford game. There are a lot of things that are similar to Notre Dame, and obviously some things that are also different. "

Allen wanted to focus on his senior season, so his plan was to take a couple trips after his season ended. After he completes his final visits, Beau should be ready to announce his decision.

"I'm not sure when the visits to Minnesota and Stanford will be," he said. "Tentatively I have a Gopher visit planned for December 12, but I'm trying to get that moved up. I'm still trying to get Stanford figured out as well. That could be in early December as well.

"I'm just concentrating on those four right now. I want to get my two final visits in so that I can be sure of my decision, and I want to try to make my decision before the New Year. Then again, If I wake up and I feel really good about something and I know that's where I want to be, I would be afraid so."

Allen's senior season ended when Minnetonka dropped a second round playoff game to Eden Prairie (Minn.) Although he still has football in his future, it's tough for Beau to believe that he's played his final downs in high school.

"It still hasn't hit yet, because you never really think your season is going to be over," Allen explained. "You play a final game like that and you never think you're going to lose, so I guess you're never really prepared for it. We had a good year in retrospect. I try to look at the positives of the season. I think I did pretty well and I think the team did pretty well.

"I was a starter on the varsity team for four years. When I was a freshman and sophomore I thought I'd be on the team forever and I had a long time ahead of me. When it ended I couldn't believe it. It sounds so cliché but time just flies by." Top Stories