Lueders still committed to ND

Defensive lineman Blake Lueders from Zionsville High School (Ind.) is going to be an important part of the 2010 Notre Dame recruiting class. The Irish haven't been very impressive on the field as of late, but Lueders is sticking by them.

Notre Dame dropped its third consecutive football game this weekend, which only adds to the speculation that there will be a coaching change at the end of the 2009 season. If that were to happen, Blake Lueders (6-foot-5, 250-pounds) would be disappointed, but he'd still like to be a part of the Notre Dame football program.

"Obviously it's disappointing to see and I want to see my future team succeed," Lueders responded when asked about Notre Dame's recent struggles. "But I'm still committed to Notre Dame no matter what happens. It's a great school, and I'm looking forward to playing there, so nothing has changed on my end.

"I didn't get a chance to watch the UConn game, and I didn't really get to see much of the Pitt game. They look great sometimes, and other times they don't look so great. They just need to limit the times they don't look great and build on the times they do look good. Obviously they do have a lot of potential, so they just need to focus on that."

The Notre Dame coaching staff hasn't slowed its efforts to keep Lueders in this recruiting class. That's a good thing, because other schools are starting to pick up their contact with Blake.

"Coach Hart still calls me pretty consistently," Lueders said. "I haven't talked to anyone since they lost to UConn. Before that they just reassured me and told me not to look anywhere else. I told them that I wouldn't and that I wasn't planning on it.

"Schools have started to call me again and tell me that they still have a spot for me. I tell them nothing is out of the realm of possibilities, but I'm committed to Notre Dame and I plan on honoring that. I plan on being at Notre Dame."

Unfortunately for Zionsville their season ended early into playoffs. Despite the disappointment of not making a stronger title run, Lueders is content with his senior season.

"We ended up losing to Brownsburg," Lueders explained. "We messed up. It was the muddiest game I've ever played in. They outplayed us and they beat us, so our season ended. We went 8-3, and that is a good record. We should have made it further. We should have won our sectional. We had a great season, it just ended a little too fast." Top Stories