Committed with a purpose

Wide receiver Bennett Jackson from Raritan High School (Hazlet, N.J.) had a great run into the state playoffs, only to fall a game short of the championship game. Jackson has one game remaining in his high school career, and after that, he's looking forward to getting to Notre Dame.

Notre Dame has struggled with their offensive consistency all season long and it couldn't have been more apparent over their last three games. Like everyone else, Bennett Jackson (6-foot-1, 170-pounds) isn't sure why the Irish can't play a complete ball game.

"I'm not really sure," Jackson responded when asked about Notre Dame's struggles on offense. "I didn't really get to watch much of the game this Saturday, because I had a game of my own. I don't know what's going on with how they're playing, because they normally score a lot in the fourth quarter, but in the game this week they scored more in the first half. I really think they could play with anybody, I guess they just need to work on a few more things to be consistent."

Jackson isn't sure why the Irish are struggling to put points on the scoreboard, but he's is certain that he'll be signing with Notre Dame in February.

"I picked Notre Dame because of the school and the education and the atmosphere," Jackson explained. "Coaches are just another bonus or a positive to everything else. I liked all the coaches, but if there were a change to occur, I'd just work with it. I don't think that I'd de-commit or anything.

"I'm going to the school, because when I went there and saw everything first-hand, I Just liked everything about it. I liked the atmosphere. I just liked everything about the football program and the school."

While the Irish were struggling with the Connecticut Huskies last weekend, Jackson and his teammates fell one games shy of the state title game.

"Last Saturday we lost in the semi-final game, the game to go to the state championship," he said. "We got a little spanking handed to us. We lost 46-7. We played a team that had a lot more speed than we had. They just outplayed us, and our defense had a lot of trouble with their offense. They pretty much scored when they wanted to and they put the game away pretty quick." Top Stories