Welch: "I'm still a Notre Dame guy."

Tight end Alex Welch from Elder High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) committed to Charlie Weis because he liked how Weis utilized the tight end in his offense. Welch also committed to Notre Dame because of everything the school offers.

Alex Welch would still like to have Charlie Weis as his next coach, but that isn't going to happen after Monday's announcement that Weis would not be retained as Notre Dame's head football coach.

"It's depressing," Welch commented. "This is the staff that recruited me and gave me the opportunity to go to Notre Dame. I'm not too happy right now, but I'm still solid with my commitment. I just want to see who they hire.

"I'm still solid. I'm still a Notre Dame guy. Like I said I want to wait and see who they hire, so I can see if I fit into his offense and things like that. I'm sure I will. I did commit to coach Weis, but I committed to the school. The tradition and all those different things are still at Notre Dame, so I'm still happy with my decision."

There are rumors circulating that Bob Stoops and Brian Kelly are the top candidates to replace Charlie Weis. Welch has heard all the rumors, but he's isn't going to get excited about the gossip until he hears an official announcement.

"I'm not really going to say much," Alex responded when asked about the Notre Dame coaching rumors. "I just hear different names keep popping up. Until someone takes the job, and all that becomes fact, I'm not going to think much of it."

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