Hurd trusts the process

Cornerback Toney Hurd from Marshall High School (Missouri City, Texas) trusted Charlie Weis and his coaching staff in the past, now he's putting his faith in Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick as he searches for a new head coach to lead the Irish football program.

Toney Hurd (5-foot-9, 185-pounds) wanted to play for defensive backs coach Corwin Brown and Charlie Weis, but that was sidetracked earlier this week when Hurd learned that Charlie Weis had been fired.

"When I started hearing the rumors about coach Weis, I always told myself that I wasn't going to de-commit," Hurd said. "When I went on my visit, coach Brown was a great person and I'd really like to get coached by him. But the tradition (at Notre Dame) was so great and environment of the school was so great, that's what I liked about the entire situation. That's what caused me to commit. Either way, if coach Brown is there or not, I feel that I can excel there.

‘Once I learn who my defensive back coach is, I'll look into his background and see if I can learn from him and see how great of a coach he is. Then I'll go from there. As of right, now I won't be making any drastic decisions. I feel like God put me in this position for a reason and I'm going to follow through with my decision.

"I'm still committed to Notre Dame," he said. "I'm going to trust that we're going to get a good coach. I'm optimistic about the process and as of right now I'm still committed to Notre Dame… that's where I want to go.

Wide receivers coach Rob Ianello took over control of the football operations as of Monday and he and the other coaches began contacting the committed recruits.

"I talked to coach Ianello and coach Brown," Hurd explained. "They both said that it's the school that's great. No matter who coaches there, the school has great tradition and it's the place to be no matter what happens. " Top Stories