Rees: "I know he wins."

Quarterback Tommy Rees from Lake Forest High School (Ill.) doesn't know much about Notre Dame's new head football coach, but the one thing he knows is that his future coach is a winner.

Tommy Rees (6-foot-3, 192-pounds) wasn't pulling for any particular coach to be hired by Notre Dame, but he certainly wasn't disappointed by Notre Dame Athletic director Jack Swarbrick lured Brian Kelly from Cincinnati.

"I'm really excited about coach Kelly," Rees said. "I really couldn't be happier that he was hired at Notre Dame. I really don't know much about him, but I know he wins. He has a lot of energy and passion and he's a really smart coach, so I'm really excited to play for him.

"I talked to coach Kelly (Sunday). It went well. He had a lot of good things to say. I was really excited to talk to him. He's going to come by sometime later this week, and we're going to visit in person. I'm really excited about that. But he had a lot of good things to say and it went well."

Kelly's offense at Cincinnati was known to be very quarterback friendly, a point that hasn't been lost on Rees.

"I saw them play a few times," Rees said. "I know it's kind of a spread, a throwing type spread. I'm going to find a couple tapes on Cincinnati and watch their offense to see the different types of things that they did. I think his offense does whatever they need to do to win, whether they throw the ball or run the ball, or keep it balanced, whatever they do, it works."

It would help Rees to get as much exposure to Kelly's offense as possible. Tommy has a chance to graduate from high school this month and enroll at Notre Dame in January. Although he'd receive a tremendous amount of work during spring practice, Rees is still mulling over his decision.

"I still haven't finalized anything on that," Rees explained. "This week I should come to a decision. I've prepared myself to graduate; it just comes down to my decision. Coach Kelly and I will discuss it this week. We kind of got into a little, but I should have a decision by the end of the week though. " Top Stories