Nix Is Willing To Wait

Louis Nix from Raines High School (Jacksonville, Fla.) committed to Notre Dame Charlie Weis was fired, so it isn't a surprise that Nix is willing to wait until Brian Kelly has time to get down to Jacksonville to introduce himself.

Defensive tackle Louis Nix (6-foot-3, 315-pounds) has been committed to Notre Dame for two weeks without a head coach, so it figures that he isn't in a rush to have Brian Kelly make his in-home recruiting visit.

"I haven't yet talked to him yet, but I intend to," Nix said when asked about Notre Dame's new head coach. "He's supposed to come visit sometime in January. I'm not in a rush to meet him though, because I know he's a great coach. It would be good for my family to meet him though, and they will eventually.

"I talk to coach Alford on a regular basis, but I haven't talked to anyone else. We just talk about what's going on. He makes sure I'm doing all right. It's just a normal conversation. He let me know that he's going to stay at Notre Dame, and I was happy about that."

Nix hasn't spoken with his future head coach and he doesn't really know much about him. That doesn't mean Louis is swelling with apathy…just the opposite actually.

"I'm happy about (Kelly)," Nix explained. "I look forward to seeing how things go. I want to see him build the Notre Dame program back to where it was. He did a great job in Cincinnati. He gave them winning seasons that they never had and they got to their first BCS game with him. " Top Stories