Gaston is at a Stalemate

Defensive tackle Bruce Gaston from St. Rita High School (Chicago, Ill.) hasn't been concerned over Notre Dame's search for a head coach, but he's ready to get down to business now that Brian Kelly has been hired.

Bruce Gaston (6-foot-3, 290-pounds) comes from a high school program that is used to winning, so he'd like to continue that tradition into college. Although he readily admits that he isn't familiar with Notre Dame's head coach, he does know the Irish have hired a winner.

"I honestly can't say I knew much about his background," Gaston responded when asked about Brian Kelly. "I knew he won, but I really didn't know much about him.

"I haven't had a chance to meet (Kelly) yet, so I can't really judge coach him yet. I I haven't talked to him, but I talked to coach Alford, the running backs coach. I am going to talk with him sometime on the phone this week. I'd like to take a visit over to South Bend to meet him in person and see what I think of him. I'm not sure when I'd be able to do that, so that's up in the air."

Gaston has always like Notre Dame, an it's fair to say that the Irish had been one of his favorite schools for a long time. With the uncertainty at Notre Dame, Gaston has opened up his recruitment.

"It's at a stalemate until I personally talk to him and meet him," Gaston explained. "I can't really make an assumption about someone I really don't know. Until I talk with him, then it's at a stalemate. Yes, originally (Notre Dame) was pretty high on my list, and I'm not saying they went down, but until I talk with him, I really don't know how I feel.

"I am looking at other schools; Michigan State, Arizona and Boston College. I don't have any visits set up right now, but I'm looking into that right now." Top Stories