Badger satisfied with hire

Safety Chris Badger from Timpview High School (Provo, Utah) is one of five recruits in Notre Dame's 2010 recruiting class that will graduate early and enroll at Notre Dame in less than a month.

Chris Badger (6-foot-1, 190-pounds) hasn't had a chance to meet his new head coach, but it won't be long before that happens. Despite the concerns by some Notre Dame fans, Chris believes Notre Dame found the right man.

"I guess there were some leaks leading up to it," Badger commented when asked about Brian Kelly being hired as Notre Dame's new head coach. "But I think it was a great hire and obviously they thought he was the best candidate out there, so I'm really excited about it.

"I was out of town (when it was announced), but I've read a little bit about it, and I've watched all of the coverage. He's obviously saying the right things and I think he's a great coach and one that I look forward to playing for. I know he's been a winner everywhere he's been, so that important."

At this time Kelly is still trying to assemble his coaching staff, so he's been relying on others to help him communicate with all of the recruits.

"I haven't talked to coach Kelly yet," Badger said. "I've been staying in touch with coach Hart. He emailed me this morning and let me know that he hadn't heard any news yet. I guess he's still waiting to see if he's being retained. He said he'd let me know, but I really haven't heard a lot. They did send out a message the other day just saying to be patient. I did get something in the mail regarding my classes though.

"I talked to (Blake) Lueders, (Tommy) Rees and (Andrew) Hendrix. Everyone is really excited about everything and still plan on being at Notre Dame." Top Stories