Jones Talks To Kelly

Tai-ler Jones is one of the nation's best wide receivers, which is why there is a smile on his face when he ponders his future in Brian Kelly's offense. The standout wide receiver from Gainesville High School (Ga.) recently spoke with Kelly and he likes what he's heard from his future head coach.

Tai-ler Jones (6-foot-0, 183-pounds) is anxious to meet his future head coach, but that may have to wait for a couple weeks. While building a relationship will Kelly is important, Jones understands that Kelly is attending to a number of important issues during his first week as Notre Dame's head football coach.

"I spoke with him on the phone the other day," Jones said. "I got a feel for him and we started that relationship. He seems like an up-tempo guy. He definitely seems like a player's coach. He seems easy going and he isn't monotone like some coaches come off when you talk to them over the phone. I definitely think he can motivate people.

"Our conversation was just a general conversation, just to touch base and let me know how things are going at Notre Dame. He was saying that his schedule was conflicting with hiring a new staff, moving in, and recruiting, and he just wanted me to know that I wasn't forgotten about and they were still thinking about the recruits.

"As of right now, I'm solid with Notre Dame," he said. "I'm just waiting to see when I can set up an in-home visit with coach Kelly. He didn't set up a date yet, because he's trying to interview people, so he's not sure when he's going to be able to get down here."

Like most Notre Dame fans, Jones is just starting to get to know Brian Kelly. Although Tai-ler doesn't know much about the man, he is familiar with Kelly's offense.

"I had known that he was the coach at Cincinnati, and that he had built that program up and made it very successful," Jones explained. "I know the style of offense he runs is a very receiver friendly offense and that he's known as a player-friendly coach.

"I remember watching the Pittsburgh game, and I definitely saw the style of offense they run, and I can picture myself being in that offense because their offense is similar to the offense we ran at my high school. "

At this point Jones as much relieved that Notre Dame found a head coach as anything. There were reports that he was considering taking a look at other schools while Notre Dame was searching for a head coach.

"I really didn't think about taking visits," Jones explained. "But if Notre Dame had taken any longer to find a head coach, to where it was getting close to when I was graduating and enrolling early, then that might have pushed me to take some visits. I just wanted to have a ‘Plan B' in case they didn't have a coach. I wouldn't have wanted to enroll if they didn't have a head coach, or didn't have a clue who they wanted as a head coach. But now that they've found coach Kelly, none of that matters any more." Top Stories