How Solid Is Moore?

Notre Dame has been doing a solid job of holding together it's recruiting class since the coaching change. One player that has been a concern is linebacker Kendall Moore from Southeast Raleigh High School (Raleigh, N.C.) Moore has taken one official visit and another one could be scheduled.

Kendall Moore (6-foot-2, 229-pounds) is sold on Notre Dame, but he started to get concerned wonder if he'd have a spot at Notre Dame during the head coaching search. Now that the Irihs have their man, there is a sense of relief.

"I like coach Kelly as far as his resume," Moore said. "What I'm mainly happy about is that they made the hire so soon, because I didn't want to go into January or February without a coach. That would have put me in a tough spot. I think this is really good. It give Notre Dame and coach Kelly a chance to reach out to some of the recruits; some of the guys that eh already has and to some of the recruits that he'd like to get.

"I talked with coach Brown before he was let go and I talked with Dave Peloquin not too long ago. He was just calling on me to check in on me. He told me that coach Kelly was still getting settled in, but that they'd be in touch with me.

"I'm still solidly committed to Notre Dame," he said. "Before coach Brown was let go, and since that time he's talked to me and my dad. He continues to preach the fact that Notre Dame is a good school, and it's a good situation to be in. I felt that that when a coach no longer worked (at Notre Dame) stuck his neck out for the school, that was real important to me and that means a lot."

Despite not having a chance to speak with his new head coach, Moore is happy with the communication that he's received from Notre Dame since the coaching change.

"I'm not going to complain about coach Kelly not being in touch," Moore explained "He's a busy man and he has a lot on his hands right now. I am looking forward to getting in contact with those guys, because I think relationships are very important. I'd like to be very confident in my decision and pretty confident in coach Kelly and the new staff. Communication is pretty big, but I'm going to complain about not hearing from him, because I know he's busy.

"This whole recruiting thing is based on relationships. Me and coach Brown were really tight. He always had good advice for me. It wasn't just about football with him. I'm not going to say that was my whole decision, because I chose Notre Dame for Notre Dame."

Moore is just starting to learn about his head coach. What he has learned thus far is that they share a goal trait.

"I know he's a winner," Moore said. "Everywhere he's been, he's won. I think that's important. I like that about him, because I like to consider myself as a winner and I feel like that's a good trait to have as a coach. There are other things that go into it, but that's one of the main things that I think that's important."

Although Moore is granting Kelly some time to settle other matters, Notre Dame's new head coach will need to get in touch with Moore to keep in him in the fold. Moore has took one official visit last week and he's considering taking another in January.

"So far, I've just been to N.C. State," Moore said. "I went to their last game a couple weeks ago against North Carolina, and then I went there last weekend for an official visit. Being so close to the area, it's just convenient to go check them out. That was one of my schools that was in my final group, so I felt that I owed it to myself and to the schools to make sure that I knew everything about it, before I ruled them out, especially with all the things going on at Notre Dame. I'm just checking them out and seeing what they're all about and what they have to offer.

"I'm going to take a break for awhile. I don't really have any more schools that I want to visit. I guess I might take a look at South Carolina. I think I might do that on an official visit sometime in January. Other than that I really don't have any other schools that I'd look at." Top Stories