Gaston Likes Kelly

Literally and figuratively, Bruce Gaston is one the biggest targets remaining on Notre Dame's recruiting board. The defensive tackle from St. Rita High School (Chicago, Ill.) had a chance to meet Notre Dame's new head coach and he came away impressed.

Bruce Gaston (6-foot-3, 290-pounds) was looking forward to meeting Brian Kelly in person, and last weekend he got that chance. Gaston made his way over to South Bend to meet Kelly prior to the Notre Dame-UCLA home basketball game.

"It went well," Gaston said of his 45 minute conversation with Kelly. "My main goal for going down there was to see how coach Kelly really was. You can tell whether you like a coach after meeting one time, but you don't really know them. I was just trying to meet him and get a good feel for him.

"We talked about why I should still choose Notre Dame, his goals and plans for Notre Dame. His preparation for the future and how he wants to win a national championship and he asked me if I could help him do that.

"I can see him being a high-energy guy," he said. "My former teammate Darius Fleming was telling me that he seemed like a high-energy motivator. I can definitely say that I got that feel from him.

"Like I said, it went pretty well. I talked to him. He seemed like an honest coach. He seemed like a good guy and I look forward to getting to know him better. Then we'll have to see where it goes.

Gaston was recruited for the ‘4-3' defensive scheme of the former coaching staff, but it appears that Kelly has a spot Gaston in the ‘3-4' scheme that he's bringing to Notre Dame.

"He did watch my film," Gaston explained. "He said that he was really impressed with the way I moved my hands and my feet, and he liked the way that I carried my weight. He said that I carried my weight very well. He said he really likes me and wants me to jump on board as possible. Like I said it went pretty well."

Gaston is still talking to Wisconsin, Iowa, and Purdue on a regular basis, so he's going to keep his options open for the time being. For Kelly, he'll need to build on their first meeting in order to secure Bruce's commitment.

"I've always been high on Notre Dame," Gaston said. "Notre Dame has been recruiting me since my sophomore year, so I knew the old staff a long time and had a really good relationship with them. The only coaches I've met from the new staff are coach Kelly and coach Alford, who they retained. You can tell right away if you like someone, and a first impression is a lasting impression, but that doesn't necessarily mean you know someone. I met (Kelly) once, for maybe 45 minutes. No matter how much I liked coach Kelly, I only met the guy one time. Don't get me wrong, he seemed like a great coach. He wants me. He needs me, and that's all great, but I still need more time to get a feel for him and the new staff." Top Stories