Moore Expects Visit From Kelly

Kendall Moore knew Brian Kelly was busy settling into his role as Notre Dame's new head coach, so the linebacker from Southeast Raleigh High School (Raleigh, N.C.) was patiently waiting for a phone call from Kelly. That call occurred, now Moore is waiting to for an in-home visit.

Kendall Moore(6-foot-2, 229-pounds) wanted to speak with Brian Kelly about Kelly's plans for the Notre Dame football program, but Moore knew Kelly had a lot on his plate, so he was willing to wait until his new head coach could make to time to contact him.

"I talked to coach Kelly last Tuesday," Moore said. "It went well. Me and my family got around the phone for a little bit. Yesterday I got a call from coach Alford. He and coach Kelly are going to come to my house a week from this next Tuesday.

"We talked about a lot. My dad had a couple questions about the staff and when he'd have his staff in place. Some questions were about his background, in order to get to know him better."

Before Kelly got on the phone with Moore, he took some time out to get to know a little bit about what Kendall could bring to his program.

"He told me he had watched film on me, but we didn't really go through where he thought I'd fit in," Moore explained. "He said that he liked how aggressive I was. He said that I had a lot of intangibles and that I was around that ball a lot.

"He told me that he'd run different things at different places. He's run the ‘3-4' and the ‘4-3', but he didn't get into specifics on what he's going to run now. He did say that he was going to change some things up from the last staff. He said he's always been aggressive in terms of his play calling.

"I'm still keeping my eyes open with everything still up in the air with the coaching staff at Notre Dame. "I can't make any final decision until I know what coaches are on staff and what type of scheme will be in place. I figure I'll wait and look until everything is set up at Notre Dame.

"I was happy that it's getting closer to everything getting closer to normal. In a couple weeks everything should be in place." Top Stories