Smith Is Ready To Get To Work

Although there are only a couple of miles separating Daniel Smith from Brian Kelly's office, the wide receiver from Clay High School (South Bend, Ind.) hasn't had an opportunity to meet Notre Dame's new head coach.

Daniel Smith (6-foot-4, 205-pounds) probably could have squeezed some time from Brian Kelly shortly after Kelly was named Notre Dame's head football coach, but Smith was more than willing to wait to meet his future head coach. Last Saturday the time was right and Smith and his parents had a chance to become acquainted with Kelly prior to the Notre Dame-UCLA basketball game.

"Things went great," Smith said. "It was great to finally meet him. I think he's a real cool guy and I'm really looking forward to working with him. We got a chance to go to his office and meet with him.

"(My parent had the same impression) as me. Everything was positive. Everything was good. They're ready to let me go off to college and I'm ready to work with him."

Smith has heard plenty about Kelly's offensive system, but that wasn't the focus of their initial meeting.

"We didn't get into details (of the offense)," Smith said. "It was more of what he planned to do and be one voice of the program and how he's going to get his staff in place. It was more informational in terms of what he's going to do over the next couple weeks and months. It was more informational about him and his history as a coach, and what he plans on doing with the program.

"All the recruits were supposed to turn in a highlight DVD of their senior year. I put all my highlights on from my freshman to senior year and put that onto one video and he said that he had watched it. He said that I should fit perfectly into his offense, so it's all good. As a player you like to hear that."

Something else Smith would like to hear is the names of the offensive coaching staff. Like his meeting with Kelly, Smith will be patient and trust the process.

"I don't know who he's going to pick, but he hopes to get his staff in as soon as possible," Smith explained. "I think I'll have my official visit once all the coaches are in place. That could vary. because I don't know when he'll decide on his coaches.

"I'm just ready to work with him. Everything is positive with me." Top Stories