Hurd Explains

Notre Dame has only lost two of its commitments from the 2010 recruiting class since Charlie Weis was fired after the end of the 2009 season. One of those recruits is Toney Hurd from Marshall High School (Missouri City, Texas).

Cornerback Toney Hurd (5-foot-9, 185-pounds) hasn't shut the door on the possibility of signing with Notre Dame in February, but something out of the ordinary would appear to be in order for that to occur. It appears both Hurd and the Notre Dame staff made several attempts to reach each other, but each attempt ended without a connection.

"I de-committed a few weeks ago," Hurd responded when asked about his status with Notre Dame. "But I'm still open to being recruited by them. The reason I de-committed from Notre Dame is because I didn't want to close the door on an opportunity elsewhere. I didn't want to be committed to Notre Dame and close the door somewhere else where I could be comfortable. I really hadn't heard from them. I haven't heard anything from Notre Dame. I can't sit there and stress out about it. All I can do is do what I think is right.

"Right now, I'm wide open in recruiting. I'm still open and ready to be recruited. I de-committed because I haven't spoken with coach Kelly up until this point still. I just felt like I'm just really uncertain. He left me messages, and I left him messages and we just haven't touched base yet. I guess I just haven't felt like a priority, so that's why I wanted to open my recruitment back up.

"I'm taking the process as it comes, and I'm not going to rush into anything," Hurd said. "I want to be comfortable at the school, but I also want to be comfortable in the scheme. So I felt like I needed to do what was best for me at that time."

Hurd has taken an official visit to Notre Dame and then made his second official visit to Texas A&M the weekend Brian Kelly was named the Notre Dame head coach. It is unlikely that Hurd will make it back to South Bend, so many believe Toney is looking for his future home in College Station, Texas.

"Everyone wants to say that I'm going to Texas A&M," Hurd explained. "But A&M is in the running just like USC is in the running. I'm opening my recruitment up and I'm not narrowing it down to anyone. I've never put out a top-3 or a top-5, and I'm not going to do that now.

"I have three more visits left. I took one to A&M awhile back. I'm not sure how many of my visits I'll take. I little while ago I thought I was going to Notre Dame for sure, but now I'm not, so I'm not really sure what I'm going to do." Top Stories