Uko Shines during First UA Practice

Once again Pete Carroll is showing the recruiting muscle of the USC program. The Trojans latest commitment, George Uko from Don Antonio Lugo High School (Chino, Calif.) is's No. 2 rated defensive tackle and a Wednesday's Under Armor All America practice he's shown why our analysts think so highly of him.

When the white squad's defensive linemen broke off into position drills it didn't take long to notice George Uko. The 6-foot-4, 299-pound defensive tackle showed outstanding mobility and explosion during the early stages of Wednesday's practice.

It's always tough to get a great feel for a kid from a handful of reps, but I watched Uko as much as any other player today and he jumped out almost immediately. He certainly looks the part, he's a big strong, powerful kid that gets low in his stance and uncoils when the ball is snapped.

During the inside run drills (DL/LBs vs. OL/RB) he was pretty sound. He tends to come out of his stance a little high, but even then he has the strength to overpower his guy. When he was double teamed, he has the lower body strength to split it.

During the scrimmage he was also impressive. He gets off the ball, but again, he tended to get too high. I don't think this will be difficult to fix, as mentioned above, he does position himself low in his stance. Still he was able to get the offensive lineman off balance and push him into the backfield, disrupting the play. When the offense passed the ball, Uko almost exclusively used the bull rush to pushed his guy into the quarterback.

It was just the first day, and the first time I've seen the kid, but I was really impressed. He certainly has things he can work on, but that will come in time.'s Florida Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons made similar comments on Uko.

"Uko showed up Tuesday night in Trojan gear and looked the part and he carried that look over to the field on Wednesday," Simmons said. "He is very strong at the point of attack and played with good leverage for much of the practice. He did stand up a little quickly a few times, but when he plays low, he drives the offensive lineman into the backfield." Top Stories