Nix Just Wants To Play

Notre Dame's new defensive line coach Mike Elston will bring a lot of energy to the defensive side of the ball. Elston has some young talent already on campus, but he'll also be getting one of the top defensive linemen in the state of Florida when Louis Nix of William Raines high School (Jacksonville, Fla.) arrives in June.

Louis Nix (6-foot-3, 315-pounds) was one of the top defensive linemen at the Under Armour All America game held on January 2, in Tampa, Fla. After a busy week of practice and events surrounding the game, Nix returned home to meet with his future head coach, Brian Kelly.

"Coach Kelly came to see me," Nix said. "He said that he saw some of the game. He said that he was impressed with my play. He thought that was real nice. There was a lot of competition out there and I met a lot of great guys.

"He visited me and my parents. My mom liked him and my aunt liked him. It was the first time they had met him. They had spoken with Charlie Weis before, but they had never met coach Kelly before, so it was nice.

"He's a down to earth guy, a person I feel that I can talk to and a father figure," he said. "I talked to him for about an hour. He said he thought I'd be a good player and that I'd bring a lot to the defense. We didn't go over too much about the defense, but he said that I'd fit into their package. I wasn't too worried about it, because I'll fit in well as long as I get to play."

Mike Elston will be Louis' postion coach when Nix reports to Notre Dame. Although Louis hasn't had a chance to meet Elston in person, he has had a chance to speak with on the phone.

"I talked to him on the phone," nix explained. "I thought he was nice guy too. He's very funny. He seemed like he liked to joke around a little. He's a guy that I would like to be my coach. I think he'll motivate me and push me, and I like that.

"He said that he's going to make something happen and that he's going to come see me soon."

Last weekend the U.S Army held their All-American game, and the talent on the field was every bit as good as it was at the Under Armour game. Nix was impressed with several players on the field, but defensive tackle, Sharrif Floyd made a big impression on him.

"Sharrif Floyd, I really liked him," Louis said. "He's kind of an inspiration to me. He big and he's quick and that's the level that I want to play at. I think they could have double-teamed him more like I got at the Under Armour game though. He's a great athlete, and I hope he does great at Florida." Top Stories