No Visits for Moore

Linebacker Kendall Moore from Southeast Raleigh High School (Raleigh, N.C.) has been waiting for the opportunity to get to know Brian Kelly has his new staff. Kelly met with Moore and his family the first week of January and this week he'll host two of Kelly's assistant coaches.

Kendall Moore (6-foot-2, 229-pounds) was one of the first prospects to receive an in-home visit from Brian Kelly. Kelly made worked his way down to North Carolina during the first week of January and he made a favorable impression on Moore and his family.

"I went well," Moore said of his in-home visit with Notre Dame's new head coach. "It was good. I got to know him a little better. He's a good guy and very energetic. He came to me school and he met my coach, my AD and my defensive coordinator. Then he came to my house, and my whole family was in town for the holiday's so everything went well.

"We didn't talk about anything in particular, it was just getting to know him better as a coach and as a person. I felt like that was important for me to go to school there, because he doesn't really know much about me and I really don't know much about him. It was real important for me to meet him and become acquainted with him and that's what made it a good visit.

"It definitely played out well," he said. "That was my main goal. I couldn't make any final decision without knowing my head coach and who the staff is. It's going to be interesting the next couple weeks talking to the defensive people and getting to know coach Kelly better.

"He didn't really ask me about me taking visits. He just took the approach of getting better acquainted. He just wanted to tell me about Notre Dame and where we're going as a program."

Moore hadn't shut the door on possibly taking additional visits in the past, but he has now.

"Nah, I'm not going to take any visits," Kendall explained. "I'm just going to signing day as is. I haven't shut my phone off or anything, but I'm done taking visits.

"The next step is to get to know the staff. I got to meet coach Kelly, but I want to meet the defensive coordinator, the linebackers coach and all that.

That next step will come this week as two of the Notre Dame assistant coaches will meet with Kendall and his parents.

"I've been in good touch with the new coaching staff," he said. "Coach Diaco and coach Cooks are coming (Monday) to see me and talk to my parents. I'm definitely looking forward to it."

"I am solid. I've been solid the whole time. I feel like once you make a commitment, you have to honor that commitment. I just felt I was taking the time I needed to with all the turmoil going on." Top Stories