Gaston Will Decide After BC Visit

Bruce Gaston from St. Rita High School (Chicago, Ill.) has five schools that he will decide among, but before that decision he has one official visit remaining. Notre Dame had been in solid position with the defensive tackle, but it appears the Irish have come back to the pack.

Bruce Gaston (6-foot-2, 318-pounds) has had Notre Dame at the top of his list since the Irish offered him a scholarship over the summer. Gaston had planned to take an official visit to South Bend, but as signing day nears, he doesn't feel he needs to take an official visit to Notre Dame in order to make his decision.

"Notre Dame is still in it," Gaston said. "I've just been there enough that I don't think that I need to take an official visit there. I've talked to the defensive coordinator and I went up there to meet coach Kelly. They both seem to be really good guys.

"I like the school, I just don't think I need to take an official there to tell me whether I like the school or not. I've talked to the coaches and they've told me how important I am to them, but lately I haven't been getting as much attention from them, so we'll see."

If Notre Dame hasn't been paying Gaston enough attention a number of other schools have been. Michigan State, Wisconsin, Purdue and Boston college round out Gaston's top-5.

"Coach Dantonio and his staff at Michigan State are great people," Gaston explained. "They're just great people and coach Dantonio is a great person. I feel at home there. It's a real close knit, family environment. I got along really well with the players and everyone. I feel that if I picked Michigan State that I'd never regret my decision.

"At Wisconsin, I haven't gotten to know coach Bielema as much, but he's a great guy. I really like the defensive coaches that are recruiting me, coach Partridge and coach McCray. They seem like great people to be around.

"My visit got cut short a little bit, because I had to go to my high school banquet," he remarked. "I didn't get to stay the entire visit, but when I was there I really enjoyed it. The biggest thing about my trip was being able to see more of the campus, and see the academic side of things, which I got to do and I really liked everything.

"Purdue is one of the schools that I've gone to about as many times as I have Notre Dame. I like coach Hope. I like coach Williams, the defensive line coach, and I like coach Hagen. Coach Williams isn't even my recruiting coach, but he's always getting in touch with me and he's always around when coach Hagen comes up to see me.

"Purdue seems like it's a true college town environment. I like that everything is so close. It's just nice. The locker rooms are by the practice field. They have great facilities and all that.

The last school to get a look from Gaston will be Boston College.

"I'm taking my official visit to Boston College on Friday," Bruce said. "I'm looking forward to having a great experience and learn as much as I can about the school, just as I have with all of my other visits. I've heard so much about the town. I'm just really looking forward to getting up there and seeing everything.

"When I come back, I'll commit that Tuesday…. At least that's my plan." Top Stories