Massa Is Going to Give ND a Look

Notre Dame already has two quarterbacks committed to the 2010 recruiting class, but Brian Kelly appears to have his eyes on another signal caller, Luke Massa from St Xavier High School (Cincinnati, Ohio). Massa received his scholarship offer from Notre Dame last week and he'll be making an official visit this weekend.

Luke Massa committed to Cincinnati and Brian Kelly over the summer, but it is possible that Massa will now follow Kelly to Notre Dame. After receiving calls from St. Xavier head coach Steve Specht, Notre Dame's new offensive coordinator Charley Molnar reached out to Massa for the first time since leaving Cincinnati.

"Coach Molnar called me last Wednesday night," Massa recalled. "We had a long conversation and then he offered me the opportunity to play at Notre Dame. Coach Specht has called them and asked them if they still had any interest in me. I didn't actually know that he did that. He never told me about it and I hadn't contacted anyone until they called me and offered.

"In the back of my mind I thought it would be pretty cool if the opportunity came back up about Notre Dame, and I thought that it would be pretty sweet. I also knew if nothing happened that I had a pretty good situation at Cincinnati.

When Charlie Weis was still at Notre Dame, he had recruited Massa, but Luke was more impressed with Brian Kelly and the Cincinnati program.

"I went to the Pittsburgh game a couple years ago," Luke said of his recruiting experience with Notre Dame. "Coach Weis said that he wanted to see me throw, because I had missed my junior year due to a collar bone injury. He wanted me to come up to their camp. At that time I had an offer from Wisconsin and Cincinnati. I had a good feeling about the staff at UC, with Brian Kelly and the guys he had on staff there. I felt wanted, so I didn't really want to waste my time by going up there to earn an offer, because I really didn't think I would. I felt good about my decision going to UC with Brian Kelly there."

Massa will get another look at Notre Dame when he joins his high school teammate offensive lineman Matt James on an official visit.

"I'm going to visit Notre Dame this weekend, and then I'll make a decision when I get back," Massa explained. "I definitely want to see the coaching staff up there and get a chance to become familiar with the school. It's tough to make a decision that quickly, on where I want to go to college without visiting with the new coaching staff. I loved them at UC, but they're at an entirely different school, so I need to get up there and see things up there."

One thing Massa will have to contemplate is the two quarterbacks Notre Dame already has committed for the 2010 recruiting class. Tommy Rees is already enrolled at Notre Dame and Andrew Hendrix, also from Cincinnati recently reconfirmed his commitment to Notre Dame after taking an official visit to Florida.

"Anywhere you go, there's going to be competition at your position," Massa said. "At Notre Dame there's obviously going to be completion at the quarterback position and that's the way it should be. I think people should compete for the starting job. If I decide to go that route, we'll see what happens.

"The thing that coach Kelly tells me, he thinks that I haven't reached the peak of my potential. One of the things he's best at is developing football players. I think that's one of the things that excited me about committing to him when I was at UC. He said that he likes my release. He said I have a quick release. HE said that he likes my decision making." Top Stories