Nearing the Finish

Seantrel Henderson is the top player in the country according to and he has one official visit remaining this weekend before he heads out to New York to announce his decision. Henderson has a final list of six schools that include, Miami, Florida, USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Minnesota.

Offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson from Cretin Derham Hall (St. Paul, Minn.) took his official visit to Notre Dame back in October when Charlie Weis was still Notre Dame's head coach. Despite the shake-up in South Bend, the Irish are still in the thick of the hunt for Henderson's signature.

"The Notre Dame coaches came to watch his basketball game the other night," Seantrel's father Sean said. "We talk to Notre Dame about the same stuff we talk to other schools about. Everybody wants to talk about what type of fit he'd be at their school, how much they'd take care of him, what a great job he's doing, how much they'd love to have him and how they can turn him into the student athlete everyone wants to see him become over the next several years.

"Right now everybody is at the same level, nobody is above anybody else. I know that's hard for everyone to believe at this time, because we're less than a week away for signing day, but I think there is a combination of reasons that he's where he is at this time. One is because of how we spread his visits out from September to the end of the process. He still has an official visit he's taking to Miami this weekend.

"He's also a two-sport athlete, and he's trying to win a basketball championship right now," the elder Henderson said. "He's retaking the ACT and he just made the honor roll. So for the colleges and the people out there that want to know where he's going, unfortunately he's had so much other stuff going on that he hasn't completely focused on just picking a school.

"For us, it's been exactly what it's supposed to be. This isn't supposed to be a decision that these young men rush into; this is a decision that's supposed to be made by paying attention to the relationship between him and the coaches that are recruiting him, the players at the schools that are recruiting him and going through the process to find out what he likes and doesn't like."

I has been a long process for Sean and his son. There have been some misconceptions along the way, and they have seen the good side of the recruiting process as well as the bad. In the end, Sean believes his son will be stronger for having gone through the process, and he's certain his son will have found the right school.

"Being the No.1 player in the country, we get that there are a lot of expectations to live up to," Sean explained. "We understand that we're being scrutinized at each and every turn. We also understand that it has given us an opportunity to go and see all the schools that he wanted to see in order to make a sound decision. We want him to take advantage of every single minute he has so he does make the right decision. He's 18 and this is his first major decision of his life. We just want to make sure that he's comfortable with the process and with that decision, because it will affect the rest of his life." Top Stories