Roback In the Fold

Derek Roback from Waveraly High School (Ohio) knew that it would be difficult to leave Notre Dame this weekend without committing to Brian Kelly and that proved to be the case.

Brian Kelly and his assistant coaches had recruited Derek Roback when they were at Cincinnati. Now at Notre Dame, Kelly found a spot for Roback and Derek couldn't turn down the offer. Roback was in town this weekend on an official visit and committed to Kelly just before he left campus today.

"I got to interact with the coaches a little bit," Roback said. "Dan Fox was my host, he's another Ohio guy. I met a lot of the players. I interacted with the other recruits and the other commitments. This morning we went to with coach Kelly. We talked some, and then we went to the bookstore and I bought a lot of ND stuff. Then I went back and met with coach Kelly and I officially committed to him around 1:00 this afternoon.

"He was excited. He was happy. He's recruited me for awhile and we talked about it finally working out. He recruited me at Cincinnati and then he left, and we talked about it finally working out and it being a happy ending for both of us.

"I feel like coach Kelly is a winner," he said. "No matter what he wins and he's going to have guys around him that know how to win. I felt comfortable around the coaches too. That was something I was looking to see if that was the case, and it definitely was."

Although Roback was still committed to Toledo, it was only a matter of time before he flipped to Notre Dame. Once at Notre Dame, the campus and the coaching staff made his decision very easy.

"The campus and the things on campus were one thing that convinced me," Roback said of his decision. "The other thing was the coaching staff. I knew the coaches from Cincinnati, but I didn't know a lot of the coaching staff that was at Notre Dame. I wanted to see what they were like, and I was more than pleased." Top Stories