All Set

Christian Lombard is hoping Notre Dame will bring in a few additional offensive lineman with him, but if the Irish don't land another, Lombard is ready to get after it. The offensive lineman from Fremd High School (Palatine, Ill.) was at Notre Dame last weekend for his official visit and he spoke with IrishEyes about that trip.

Christian Lombard had already been to Notre Dame enough to know that he was comfortable with his decision to attend the school, but he still had an official visit to take. Last weekend Lombard traveled over to South Bend with an opportunity to enjoy the weekend without the recruiting pressure many prospects are still facing.

"I had a good time," Lombard replied when asked about his visit. "They did a really good job with the time that they had. I do think they'll switch up the way they do the officials next year, but they did a really good job with the time they had and it was a really good weekend.

"I felt they kept everyone together. They didn't just put a couple guys together and say ‘you're going to talk with him, and you're going to talk with him.' It was a little more freestyle and everyone got to talk with everyone. I got to talk to the recruits and I got to talk to the committed guys. Everyone got to talk to the players and the coaches, so I think they did a good job of getting everyone involved."

One current Notre Dame player Lombard found at his side throughout the weekend was an offensive lineman from Chicago.

"My host was Chris Watt," Lombard said. "When I went to meet coach Warinner, it was Chris' first time of really meeting him as well. That actually happened a couple times. The players really don't know the coaches yet, but they're very familiar with Paul Longo, because that's who they've been spending most of their time with.

"Chris said that he's a really good guy and that he knows what he's doing. He said what they were doing with coach Mendoza and what they're doing now with coach Longo is completely different, in a good way. They're all very happy about the change and they're all working very hard. I had more than a couple guys tell me that they had to throw up a couple times.

"The first couple days sounded like they were really rough, but now it seems like guys are starting to settle in a little bit and get into a routine. They're definitely excited and I know that they're going to be in top-notch shape come August.

"I got to know Lo Wood and Tommy Rees a little bit better," he said. "It's tough for them because they're just getting thrown in the mix right away. I asked coach Longo about them and he said that they're taking baby steps right now; they're crawling instead of walking right now."

Lombard brought his official signing papers home with him from Notre Dame. He said that there won't be any surprises from him and that he'll send his Letter of Intent to the Notre Dame football office as soon as he can on Wednesday morning. Top Stories