Change Not A Problem For Prestwood

Jordan Prestwood played tight end as a junior and he'll play the same position as a senior, but the Notre Dame staff would like to bring the Plant City High School (Fla.) prospect in as an offensive tackle. A lot of recruits would balk at the suggestion, but Prestwood just wants to play football.

Jordan Prestwood (6-foot-6, 265-pounds) has been on Notre Dame's recruiting board for a long time and despite a coaching change, he's still on the Irish target list.

"After the spring game of my sophomore year, my coach sent my film up there and that's when they first started to become interested," Prestwood replied when asked when Notre Dame began recruiting him. "I grew up liking two teams, Notre Dame and Florida State. I've always liked Notre Dame, so I told my coach to send them my film and see what happens… and everything has turned out good.

"I went to their camp last summer and did real well up there. Then during the season I flew up to the USC game and kind of got to know it a little more. Once the new coaching staff got in, they contacted my coach and let him know that they were still interested. My recruiter is Tony Alford, and he was there with the old coaching staff. When he stayed, he stayed in contact. We've had a pretty good relationship and then the offer came through."

It isn't every day that a Florida recruit will make the effort to visit Notre Dame unofficially twice, but when Prestwood had the chance, he made it happen.

"I wanted to see what it was like up there," he recalled. "I went to the camp, I loved the campus and everything. I wanted to get back up there, so I worked out a way to get up there for a game, and ever since then I loved it there."

Prestwood was certainly impressed with Notre Dame and Irish assistant coach Tony Alford was sold on Prestwood, but Brian Kelly and his new offensive line coach ultimately needed to approve the scholarship offer.

"I've spoken the both of them on the phone," Jordan explained. "They said that they watched my film and they said that they saw what coach Alford liked. They liked how I could move for a bigger athlete and they thought that I was a top-notch football player and that they wanted me to be part of their football program.

"For me, it doesn't matter where I play. I played tackle my first two years and then last year was my first year playing tight end. I'll be playing tight end this year as well, but I'm fine with any position."

With offers from some the likes of Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida State, Auburn, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Purdue, and South Carolina, Jordan will need to make some tough decisions when it comes time to take unofficial visits this spring and summer.

"I'm going to take some visits and see the people there and see how the program is put together," he said. "I've been to South Carolina, Auburn, Florida, I was at Alabama's junior day last weekend and got an offer, and I'll be at Florida State's junior day next weekend.

"I'd at least like to get it down to a top-5 or top-3 by the beginning of my season, take my official visits and then make my decision after that.

"Distance is not a problem. The comfort level and the people that I'm going to be around for the next four years of my life is the biggest thing." Top Stories