Offers Pouring In For Thomas

Lawrence Thomas from Renaissance High School (Detroit, Mich.) is the No. 1 rated middle linebacker in nation and it's no surprise that he's landing scholarship offers from the top programs around the country.

Notre Dame needs to add top defensive talent in its 2011 recruiting class and linebacker Lawrence Thomas (6-foot-4, 230-pounds) definitely fits the bill.

"They've been sending me letters, and I've just got to stay in contact with them, so I can get a vibe from them," Thomas recalled. "I talked to coach Martin about a month ago when he came to my school. He said that he wanted to see my transcripts and then they offered me a full scholarship. He said that he hadn't seen a linebacker move the way I do, being so big.

"Notre Dame is definitely in my top-10. They're definitely a good school. I'm definitely considering Notre Dame. Notre Dame is known for their academic program and that's the most important thing overall. They have a good football program as well. I know they've had a problem with the coaching, but I know they're going to bounce back from that. They'll be strong next year. Other than that, Notre Dame is a very well run program, and I like that about them."

With over 27 scholarship offers from the top programs from across the country, Thomas will be looking at a number of factors when he it comes to making his college decision.

"This recruiting is getting is crazy. The other day I got offered by three SEC schools, LSU, Georgia, and Tennessee," Thomas explained. "I'll really be looking at how all these schools do next year, especially Notre Dame. If I'm going to be considering them, I need to be looking at them so I can see where I fit in their program.

"I'm definitely going to check out Notre Dame, I have an offer from Florida and Miami, so when we're down in Florida we're going to check out Miami also. We're talking about checking out USC. We have a lot of schools to fit in the schedule, but we're just starting to work things out.

"My family will be a part of this process too, because if I'm going to a college for four or five years, they have to make sure that I'm going to be in the best hands. I talk to my family about all these colleges, because this is a dream come true. I really wasn't dedicated to football when I was young, but my mom and dad pushed me to play. Without them I wouldn't be the person that I am. We talk about everything, every day. God has blessed me with a lot and I always have to stay humble." Top Stories