Bryant Enjoys the Dirty Work

Simeon Vocational High School (Chicago, Ill.) is one of the more productive programs in terms of producing Division I players in the Chicago Public League, and they have another prospect in offensive lineman Chris Bryant. Bryant has three scholarship offers and he's looking for more.

Chris Bryant(6-foot-5, 330-pounds) has the size and athletic ability to become a dominant offensive lineman at the next level. The Chicago Public League product has seen former teammates recruited by top programs and he's starting to enjoy the same experience.

"Everything is going well right now" Bryant remarked when asked for an update on his recruitment. "I've been talking to a lot of schools. I haven't talked to Notre Dame that much, but I'm still interested in looking at them and I still like Notre Dame a lot.

"I talked to Notre Dame a lot when they had the old coaching staff. Now that they have the new coaching staff, I'm still receiving a lot of mail from them, I've just haven't had much of a chance to talk to them. I'll be talking to them real soon though.

"They haven't stopped through Simeon yet, but I expect that they will at some point, they always do," he said. "We just got our new coaching staff, so they may be a little behind also. Since the (Notre Dame) coaching staff has changed, they may already have in their head who they wanted before they got there, so they may be trying to recruit those guys. I may have to take it upon myself to get my highlight to them and give them a call and see how things go from there." Bryant may need to get to the Notre Dame camp this summer to show the Notre Dame coaches what he is capable of, but if not, he does have options at this time.

"Right now I'm sitting on three offers, Illinois, Eastern Michigan, and Kansas," Brant explained. "I'm being recruited my Reggie Mitchell at Kansas, but I talk to the offensive line coach. He's a real good person. He'll do his best to teach you the technique in order to get to the next level. He's a real good person and seems like a guy that will keep you motivated.

I'm hearing from Miami, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Colorado, I'm actually going to Michigan, and I think I'm going to Michigan State the following weekend. I've also been talking to Miami (Ohio)."

With a lot of size to be a bruising, powerful player on the offensive front, Bryant certainly has the mentality that college coaches look for in their trench players.

"I play guard and play defensive tackle, but when I go to college, I'll end up at offensive guard," Bryant said. "I like being physical. I like the one-on-ones and passing blocking. Our coaches tell us that the wide receivers and the running backs are the pretty guys. They're the ones on the field that want to look cute. We do all the dirty work. It's all about being monsters, getting dirty and not caring about the person in front of you. Off the field, he's a nice guy, but the field you have to be a man.

"I like a lot of college football. I can't say that I have a particular team that I really, really like, I just like a lot of players. I just love the sport and love watching different teams and the great players coming up. I watch people that play my position on every team and look for what I have to work on so I can get to where they are. I don't have a favorite team in particular really." Top Stories