Top WR Will Keep An Eye On ND

Kasen Williams put up huge numbers as a junior at Skyline High School (Issaquah, Wash.) and there are plenty of college coaches that have taken notice. With 24 scholarship offers from the top college football programs from coast to coast, it's no wonder that Williams has earned's No.1 ranking at wide receiver.

Kasen Williams (6-foot-2, 195-pounds) has taken notice of the production Notre Dame receivers have put up in the past, and that impression has stuck despite the coaching change at Notre Dame.

"They throw the ball a lot," Williams responded when asked about his interest in Notre Dame. "You don't want to go to a school that just runs that ball up the middle. With Notre Dame, they've thrown the ball, and with the new coaching staff, that's something that they'll continue to do. I definitely have interest in them, because I like they're coaching staff and the fact that they throw.

"I've watched Golden Tate in the past, and I was always hearing his name on ESPN."

Although the images of Tate making big play, after big play last season have stuck with Williams, his size and his ability to battle defensive backs will remind Irish fans of the other playmaker on Notre Dame's roster, Michael Floyd.

"I'd say my hands are a strength of mine," Williams said. "I think my route running is strength, but it's something that I can always work on. I think my speed is something that I need to work on the most. I think my jumping ability allows me to get the ball over guys. That makes the target for me is a lot wider, because I can go down low and I can also go up high for the ball. You can throw the fade, that's my favorite route."

Williams liked to see the Irish put the ball in the air, and he had been building a strong relationship with the old Notre Dame coaching staff, but isn't hung up on the coaching change at Notre Dame.

"When there is a change in coaching staff and you have an offer and you have interest in that school, you have to take the time to really see if the new coaching staff is one that you can get along with," Kasen explained. "That's what these last few weeks have been about with me and Notre Dame. I communicate with Notre Dame about once a week, so they're one of the schools that I talk to with the most. I do like the staff and I‘m going to continue to stay in contact with them. With a change in staffs, it's just a matter of starting over again, you're starting from square one really and you're trying to figure out if these are guys that you can go to practice with every day, just like you were with the old coaching staff.

"Notre Dame has always been a top school, so anytime you get someone like (Brian Kelly) at a school like that, it always catches your eye. I know that they threw the ball a lot last year, and when I was talking to the receiver's coach, coach Alford, he said that they're looking to do the same things as far as the offense goes. If that stays the same, I'll still have that interest level."

In order to keep that interest level high, Notre Dame is going to have to get Williams on campus. He has already visited Washington, Cal, UCLA, Florida and Georgia Tech, and he hopes to make it to South Bend in a couple months.

"The one thing about Notre Dame is that I haven't had a chance to visit the campus at all," he said. "Sometime in the near future, I'll have to get out there and see what Notre Dame's all about. I think I'm going to try and fit that in this summer. My summers are usually more open than my springs."

"They're not too far away that I can't handle it. I really haven't had the problem of going out and not living too close to home. I'm willing to go anywhere in the country. That issue has never been a factor for me. I am interested in Notre Dame and I need to go and make a trip out there sometime and still continue to talk to their coaching staff." Top Stories