No-brainer for Carrico

Defensive end Brad Carrico from Dublin Coffman High School (Ohio) is Brian Kelly's first commitment as the Notre Dame head football coach. Carrico was one of several top prospects that traveled to South Bend for the Notre Dame junior day.

Brad Carrico (6-foot-6, 270-pounds) knew that he liked Notre Dame going into the weekend, and obviously there wasn't much that changed his mind on Saturday when he spoke with the Notre Dame coaches.

"When we got to campus we went into the Gug," Carrico recalled. "I saw coach Elston, and we started talking. I told him that I wanted to talk to him privately for a couple minutes and he said that he was just about to pull me into his office. So we went to his office and when we got in there I told him that I was ready to commit. He was really happy about it. He told a couple assistant coaches, but he didn't tell coach Kelly.

"All the offered players had a chance to meet with coach Kelly one-on-one and with their family. He did hint to coach Kelly that he really needed to talk to me, so they set up the first meeting with me and him."

Once in Brian Kelly's office, Carrico explained to the new Notre Dame head coach why he wanted to be a part of his program.

""I told coach Kelly that I had been to a lot of places, I liked all of them, but Notre Dame stands over every one of them," Carrico explained. "It's everything that I was looking for in a school. It's real important to me that I have a good relationship with all the coaches. And I do have a great relationship with them. They're not only great coaches, but they're great people and they're the kind of people that I want to surround myself with. I told him that I was ready to commit. He shook my hand and told me congratulations.

"There's a ton of emotions right now. It feels like a weight lifted off my back. I know where I'm going to be going to school and I know I'll be playing football and that I'll have a scholarship. The recruiting process is a fun thing, but at the same time, it's supposed to catch up with you and become stressful. I was ready for the recruiting process to end. There was a checklist for the things that I wanted to find in a school. I really wasn't expecting to find every little thing, but with Notre Dame I did find everything that I was looking for. I felt it was the right time and the right school for me."

At times a recruit will get caught up in the emotions of the junior day and commit, but that wasn't the case with Brad. He actually knew that he would commit to Notre Dame before he left for South Bend.

"I wanted to make a decision on where I'm going to college, and I wanted to get it done before the football season," he said. "From my last visit to Notre Dame, it seemed that it had everything that I wanted and more. After talking to the coaches over the last couple weeks and giving this a lot of thought, I went into my high school coach, Mark Crabtree, and told him that I was planning on committing. He listened to the reasons I wanted to commit, and thought that I was doing it for the right reasons. He gave me his blessing on committing, so I came into today with every intention of doing." Top Stories