Nothing Unexpected From ND Visit

Notre Dame will soon be without tight end Kyle Rudolph, and the Irish staff is looking for a replacement in the 2011 recruiting class. Max Stevenson from Klein Oak High School (Spring, Texas) is an athletic tight end that ultimately could fill the void.

Max Stevenson (6-foot-6, 215-pounds) hadn't been hearing a lot from the Notre Dame coaching staff, until his coached mentioned that they had requested film on him. Shortly after that Stevenson received a scholarship offer from Notre Dame and a junior day invitation.

"The past three or four weeks I've been having some contact with Notre Dame," Stevenson recalled. "At first my coach told me that they Notre Dame had my film and that they liked me, but I hadn't really talked to them. Then I talked to coach Cooks a little bit and he let me that they were close to offering me a scholarship. Once he told me that I decided to schedule the junior day trip."

Stevenson was one of several top prospects on hand for the recent Notre Dame junior day. Although he learned a lot about the school, there wasn't much that surprised him about Notre Dame.

"Being up there and being in South Bend was amazing," Stevenson said. "The spirituality was amazing; the facilities were incredibly nice… The trip couldn't have been better.

"I wasn't surprised at all be anything. I didn't expect anything less than what they had. It was great. I knew going to Notre Dame that the facilities were going to be one of the nicest in the country. I knew the campus was going to be really nice. The education was actually better than I thought. It's one of the top-20 schools in the nation. That was interesting to learn. I knew it was a good school, but I didn't realize that it was that good. That was probably the only surprising thing really, everything else met the standard that I expected."

Brian Kelly's offense is a wide-open spread attack, not usually an offense known for its tight ends. That was a concern for Stevenson, but the Notre Dame staff assured him that there would be a place for him in their offense.

"We met with the offensive coordinator and after we split up with our position coach and I was the only tight end there that day, so I got to meet with the tight ends coach, coach Denbrock one-on-one," Stevenson explained. "We had a good 15 minute conversation about my role. Since coach Kelly is coming in with a new offense, it's more of a spread offense, so I'd play more of an athletic tight end. I'd be in the slot some and I'd also have my hand on the ground and block a little bit, I'd be more of a hybrid type really."

After meeting with the Notre Dame assistant coaches, Stevenson had a chance to sit down with Notre Dame's new head coach.

"Sitting in the room with coach Kelly was phenomenal," Stevenson said. "The guy has so much passion for the game… I got a great vibe from him and I could tell that he wanted to do great things at Notre Dame."

And the impression Kelly made on Stevenson put the Irish at the top of his leader board for now.

"Notre Dame is at the top of my list with a couple other schools, so I'm going to keep it in my mind," he said. "Texas Tech and Notre Dame will be in my top-five not matter what.

"I want to visit a few more schools and then I'm going to try to have a decision in the next couple months." Top Stories