Rock Likes the Vibe at ND

Chris Rock had already seen the Notre Dame campus last fall, and he was familiar with the new Notre Dame coaching staff from their recruiting efforts at Cincinnati, but he hadn't seen them together. The defensive end from St. Francis DeSales High School (Columbus, Ohio) recently took care of that when he visited for a junior day.

Chris Rock (6-foot-4, 245-pounds) certainly had questions for the new coaching staff when he made an unofficial visit to Notre Dame for the March 20 junior day, but he was more interested in getting a feel for the staff in their new surroundings.

"It went good," Rock said. "I was really impressed with all they showed us and all that they had to offer. I got to see a lot more of the facilities than I had in the past. The new coaches changed the old recruiting room into the team training table. It seems like they've tried to make everything around the Gug as efficient as possible.

"As far the vibe, there is a kind of different, upbeat vibe from the coaches. It was positive, they're confident and they're excited for the season. I think it was rubbing off on the players as well.

"I got to have some one-on-one time with my parents and coach Kelly," he said. "He just confirmed that I had an official scholarship offer and that they wanted me to be there. I definitely felt wanted."

Although Chris was in familiar surroundings, the new staff made a big impression on him.

"I think it definitely impressed me more this time than it did last time I was there." Rock explained. "Being able to meet the new coaches and feel their energy and tour all the facilities and tour the campus a little bit definitely helped out."

Rock has 15 scholarship offers, but he's only visited a couple of those schools. He won't be making his college decision anytime soon, so he'd like to get out and visit a few more campuses before he makes his decision.

"I've only been to Michigan and Notre Dame's junior days," he said. "Those are the only schools besides Ohio State that I've really seen. I'm going to try to go out and see as many schools as I can. I might go out to California to see Stanford. I need schools to compare to, so I need to go do that to see what I like and what I don't like. It's wide open right now because I haven't seen enough schools yet.

"In an ideal situation I'd have my decision made before my season starts, but it probably won't be made and I'm not going to rush it, or try to hurry it." Top Stories