Flavin Is Being Patient

Patrick Flavin from Benet Academy(Lisle, Ill.) is starting to pull in scholarship offers. He hasn't landed one from Notre Dame yet, but Patrick has added several big offers over the past week.

Patrick Flavin (6-foot-7, 270-pounds) made to the familiar trek down the toll road from the Chicago suburbs to South Bend for the Notre Dame junior day. Although he was on familiar ground, he noticed some distinct changes.

"Everything went great, I had a really good time," Flavin said of the Notre Dame junior day. "Last year I went to the UConn game when Charlie Weis was still running things. To see the changes that Brian Kelly has made was really cool. Just seeing the Gug and seeing the things that they've changed. They liked the idea of a recruiting lounge, but it was collecting dust most of the year, so they turned it into a training table. They amped up the player's lounge. They put up some motivational stuff in the locker room, so there are definitely some cool changes.

"With my brother Bill being there and growing up a Notre Dame fan, I know a lot about the program. The one thing I was looking forward to most going into it, was meeting the new staff, especially the coach Warinner the offensive line coach. They're all great guys. I got to talk to the defensive line coach, coach Elston. It just seems like they have a good vision for the program, how they want to recruit, how they want to play…the offense that they're going to run. They're definitely a group of great coaches. I had heard great things about them and they definitely didn't disappoint.

"They don't sugarcoat anything," he said. "They're not bashing the old staff, but at the same time they know what they want to do and they're doing it. With the new offense it seems like they're going to the spread opposed to a pro-style offense. It's about how they practice and treat their guys that's going to benefit everyone."

Flavin would like the opportunity to play for the new coaching staff, just like his brother Bill, but at this time he's still waiting on the Notre Dame staff to extend him an offer.

"I asked coach Warinner about my film and he said that he loved it," he explained. "But that's as far as it went in terms of where I am on their board. Coach Marin said that he's optimistic. He didn't know about an offer. He didn't know if it would happen today or in a few months. Honestly it doesn't matter to me. If they need me to come to camp, then I'm all for it. He just said that they liked me on film and that he's optimistic about an offer in the coming months."

UCLA, Boston College, Kansas, Toledo and Illinois just offered Flavin to go along with his initial scholarship offer from Ball State.

"Hopefully some more schools see that and decide to offer," Flavin said. "it seems like a lot schools want me to come to their camp. If I can land an offer before then, great, if not and they want me to come to their camp, I'm all for that.

"I had been sitting on the Ball State offer. The UCLA offer was kind of shocking because I had gotten some letters from them, and I had sent them my film on Monday and got the offer from them on Friday. I didn't know if they had gotten the film, let alone watched it.

"Illinois, I've been talking to them for awhile. It seemed like I was going to get offered eventually, but I didn't see it happen that quickly. It kind of gets everything going with some of these bigger schools and I can be more direct about some of my visits."

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