Players Learning Kelly's Way

Brian Kelly left no stone unturned when he spoke about his team's lack of intensity as spring practice closed before the holiday break. While Irish football fans may not understand Kelly's reasons for his hard comments, they'll soon learn Kelly knows how to motivate and get the most out of the talent he has on hand to work with.

Much like he did at Cincinnati, Brian Kelly is instilling a different philosophy into Notre Dame Football. The comments made by Kelly to the media were made with a purpose some fans may not understand.

But Brian Kelly knows his way of doing things will start taking shape in the following practices of the spring. They must if the Irish are to have any success in the fall.

While Kelly and his staff continue their work to "Wake up the Echoes" of Notre Dame Football, he knows not all players are on board with the new system. Players will say all the right things but its human nature for some to fight change. Kelly's way of doing things is not easy. The work is hard and fast paced and he's not afraid to hurt a feeling or two if things don't get done the right way.

After stirring the pot with his post practice comments about his team's lack of intensity, Kelly knows the time since the last practice players have heard the comments he made. This was his full intention as he fully understands many of the Irish would be getting questions from family and friends while also taking a hard look in the mirror asking if they are doing everything they need to be doing.

In Brian Kelly's system he's betting players will return from their break with a new sense of urgency and start showing they have what it takes to be a championship team.

So why does Kelly use this tactic in motivating his players?

It's simple… It works!

Brian Kelly has already shown he's a master of getting the media's attention. But what Irish fans are learning now is he's also a master of getting players to understand when he's not happy with their performance.

Yes, Kelly talked about some of the positives from practice, but the point being made by Kelly was this team is nowhere close to being capable of fighting for a National Championship. And that is the reason Kelly was hired.

As with most college football programs practice is scripted. Not only does Kelly have his scripted, he's also got a feeling for what needs to be the tempo for the day. From the time the first horn blows players are expected to be giving everything they've got in each and every drill. While many may feel they've been doing this, they are learning Kelly's way is different than any other they've been in as a football player.

Intensity is a staple of Brian Kelly football. It's something he fully believes every player, coach and student manager can achieve once they fully understand its importance.

What is practiced is performed when things are the toughest. For those who've watched a Brian Kelly team up close they soon learn Kelly plays a fast paced intense style of football. When things look to be out of control they really are under control. While the opponent is in a state of panic, Kelly knows his team is use to the pace and demands at hand.

Brian Kelly has learned this is a learned trait and proven it with the performances of his teams over the past few years. A Brian Kelly coached team will be ready for any and all situations at a moment's notice.

In the coming seasons Irish fans will learn a few things about Brian Kelly. The first is he doesn't panic in the heat of battle. He is always a couple of steps ahead and able to think on his feet while keeping the game plan intense. The second is that his players become the same way.

The spring of 2010 will be the hardest spring for Notre Dame Football in the Brian Kelly era. Players, coaches new to Kelly and even student managers are learning Kelly has a high level of expectations when they are on and off the field. Drills need to be done with intensity and purpose. No shortcuts will be taken in getting the Irish football team to championship level.

As the spring continues more players will show they understand Kelly's way of doing things. It's a winning way and the only way Brian Kelly knows. While spring practice is only fifteen days, Kelly knows it will set the tone for offseason workouts with Paul Longo and his staff. Kelly also knows if the Irish are to hit the field running they'll need to be physically and mentally prepared for the rigors of a tough season and do things the right way.

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