Irish Need Only To Look At Kelly's Past

Make no mistake, Brian Kelly is in a hurry to place the Irish back into the forefront of college football's top programs. As the Irish reach the midway point of the first spring under Kelly, they're learning their new head coach is not afraid to speak his mind and move players around the field.

Having watched Brian Kelly during his three seasons at the University of Cincinnati, I soon learned the man under the visor had a quick wit and a keen sense of placing players in the right position to have success.

While some may be surprised by Kelly's comments following this past week's practice on the move of players, fans of the Irish will soon learn there is a method behind his madness.

Brian Kelly has only one goal, win… Using a "Next Man In" philosophy, Kelly knows players may buck some of the changes he and his staff have installed, but he's also sure his changes will help the Irish reach a level the programs has not been to in recent seasons.

Growing pains under a new coaching staff are normal. Brian Kelly understands this but also understands egos from the player's side can't get in the way of the overall good of the program. While there are sure to be a few players bucking some of the changes, Irish players only need to look at Kelly's work at Cincinnati to see why they need to listen and listen now.

At this point in the spring Kelly and his staff have started to see certain trends in player's abilities and also their team's ability. Movement of players to different positions is something Kelly is not afraid to do. His success at Cincinnati came from several of these types of moves and while there were questions at the beginning, players who made the moves often found their careers take a step even they didn't see coming.

Brian Kelly not only understands the human mind he's also one of the best at seeing something in a player and understands just how to get the most out of his abilities.

Connor Barwin was a solid tight end when Brian Kelly took over the Bearcats. After one season of leaving Barwin on the offensive side of the ball Kelly moved him to defensive end. Barwin would go on to have a great senior season and ended up being a second round draft choice of the Houston Texans. Barwin wasn't the first move or the last one that saw success in Cincinnati.

Irish players who are moved around should be quick to buy into what Kelly and his staff sees in the move. Their track record is so solid in this area the Cincinnati media stopped questioning player moves made.

Another area Irish players need to quickly adapt to are Kelly's way of doing business. For those who fail to buy into Kelly's program will soon learn there may not be any room for them on the roster. Kelly will not play games and expects every coach, player or football personal to do things his way.

As Kelly stressed with the media he was hired to get the Irish football program back to its winning ways. For this to happen he needs as many players to jump on board and do it as soon as possible.

If those on the current Irish roster listen and do as they are told, they'll have a great chance to share in the same success Kelly brought to Cincinnati.

Kelly's first game as Cincinnati's head coach was the International Bowl. He promised his players and the fan base the next bowl would be something you eat. He delivered by getting the Bearcats to a 9-3 regular season mark and a win in the Bowl. He then promised to make the Bearcats a Big East Champion and BCS bowl game. Just as the prior promise Kelly got the Bearcats to win Back-to-Back Big East titles and BCS (Orange & Sugar) Bowls.

Kelly may rub some the wrong way, but you can't go against the success he's enjoyed since leaving Grand Valley State after the 2003 season. He wins and wins big and that is where he plans on having the Irish as soon as possible. Top Stories