Running back interested in Irish

It's time to start all over again and tailback is a position most Irish fans think will be a need. Kaysonne Anderson might be a good place to start. The 5-11, 185-pound running back is interested in Notre Dame. The New Jersey prospect had a monster season and coaches are starting to take notice.

Kaysonne Anderson hails for Manasquan, NJ. He is 5-11, 185 pounds and runs a 4.45. He rushed 330 times for 2293 yards and 27 touchdowns last year. He averaged 205 yards per game and 7.5 yards per carry. He plays is the group two section of New Jersey football.

"I have one offer so far" said Kaysonne. Rutgers has offered, I am getting letters from Penn State, Boston College, Virginia, Syracuse, Iowa, U Conn, Michigan and Illinois. I know there are more but that is all I can remember right now."

Anderson also has some camps planned right now. "I plan to attend camps at Rutgers, Penn State and Boston College. I might look at a few more depending on who contacts me." Anderson said he has a 2.7 core g.p.a. and plans to take his test in April.

I asked Kaysonne what teams he hopes to hear from that he has not heard from yet. "I hope to hear from Wisonsin, Colorado, Miami and Notre Dame. I had a Notre Dame coach stop by last year but I haven't received a letter from them yet. I hope I do hear from them because I would definitely like to go see them. I am very interested in Notre Dame but I haven't heard from them yet."

Anderson likes Colorado quite a bit as well. "I have always liked them, I grew up a fan. They run the football a lot and they have had a lot of good backs there. I hope they contact me."

Anderson was very excited to receive a call from me and I asked him how he thought his recruiting process would go. "I might make an early decision but that depends on if the right schools offer me. Location isn't going to be a factor at all. I am interested in the overall environment of a school. I think the coaches will be important and how well I connect with them and the education is very important. I will be checking out the graduation rates of each school and how many backs they have taken in the past and how many they will take in this class. I am just excited that some schools are interested in me."

Comments. Kaysonne was very excited to get a call. It's so much fun to call now because all of these kids are excited. He put up some big numbers last year and I expect a lot of schools to be interested in him this year. We will have to keep an eye on him and see if Notre Dame makes more contact but they must be interested if a coach stopped by last year to find out about him. Top Stories