Massa Has Confidence In Kelly

Luke Massa was one of the last players to join Notre Dame's 2010 recruiting class, but you won't find anyone more eager to get to campus and start competing. The quarterback from St. Xavier High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) will get that chance in less than two months when the freshmen report to campus.

Luke Massa was one of several members of the 2010 recruiting class that made their way to South Bend for the Blue-Gold game just over a week ago. Massa saw something on the field that he was already very familiar with and an offense that he may lead some day.

"If people were saying that was the most entertaining spring game that they've ever seen, the season's going to be even more entertaining," Massa said. "The team probably hasn't even touched the surface of what it's going to be. They've only had about two months to work with coach Kelly. They're going to continue to improve and hopefully we're going to have a good season.

"It was a lot of fun to watch though. From a quarterback's standpoint you want to throw the ball a lot. I've known firsthand from when Brian Kelly was at Cincinnati, how the offense is going to work and I'm really looking forward to being in that offense. I'm just ready to learn and do anything I can to help."

With the Irish extremely thin at the quarterback spot, so they may need to rely on Massa at some point next season. If that's the case, Luke has confidence in is coach to have him prepared.

"I think what really excites me is that every quarterback that coach Kelly has had has been successful," Massa explained. "One season he went through four quarterbacks and he was able to be successful and go to a BCS bowl game. I think the thing that really excites me is being successful.

"I think it's definitely going to take some time to change the program, but I think coach Kelly is the right guy for the job right now and I know that he's going to do some good things there."

The weekend of the Blue-Gold game was the first time Massa had been to campus since the tragic death of his friend and teammate, Matt James. The visit certainly made an impact on Luke and before leaving campus he made his way to the Grotto to light a candle for James.

"I've been thinking about him ever since," he said. "Just walking out of the tunnel just made me remember him. He's going to be with me the next four years. I'm going to be working me butt off, because of him. I just remember how hard he worked and I just want to be that kind of person. He worked his tail off." Top Stories