Brohm likes Irish

Irish fans have latched onto the name Brian Brohm already this year. Brohm's name has been linked to Notre Dame for quite a while but the Irish have a long way to go before Brohm makes his decision.

Brian Brohm had a monster season last year. he threw for 3,777 yards and 47 touchdowns while only throwing one interception.

I asked Brohm about the state championship game against Louisville Male and all the attention he has received. "Yeah, that was a good game. I have watched the replay a few times. The attention doesn't bother me. I am just going to try to enjoy recruiting and make the right decision for me."

Brohm also has an idea of what will be important when he makes his decision. "I am looking for a pro style of offense. I want to be prepared for the NFL if I get that chance. I want to go to a place where I can make an immediate impact and show my abilitles. Education will also be important to me because you never know if you will get injured."

Brohm said he wasn't sure about camps. "I know I am going to some seven on seven camps and I will probably go to the 2-day camp at Notre Dame in June. That will probably be it though."

Brohm has already visited Notre Dame before. "We up for the Pittsburgh game. It was pretty nice, I really enjoy it. I liked the coaches there and I think they are going to build a pretty good offense there real soon."

Brohm's brother Jeff is now the quarterback coach at Louisville and I asked him if that might be an attractive situation for him. "Yeah, I would say that would be pretty attractive. To play for your brother and to learn from him and I could be helpful to him but I also think playing in a bigger conference or a big school is attractice. I want the chance to play for a national title some day."

Brohm doesn't expect to make an early decision at this point. "I am not sure, I will probably let it play out until the end. I know it will get hectic but the recruiting calls don't really bother me, it's not a problem."

Brohm said he hasn't really started to think about recruiting but did give me some schools he is interested in. "Well, Notre Dame, Louisville, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georia, Michigan and Ohio State. I am sure that will change as I know more about each school."

Comments. This could be a long wait but I doubt he makes it until signing day. He is a ND kid. If he goes to ND camp, that is a very good sign. I think ND will be in this race until the end. It's very early right now but I think the Irish will be in the race until the end. Top Stories