Irish Stop in to See Poteat

Jameel Poteat from Bishop McDevitt High School (Harrisburg, Pa.) is one of the nation's top running backs. Poteat has over 30 scholarship offers and he recently heard from the Notre Dame coaching staff.

With the May evaluation period in full swing, the Notre Dame coaching staff is starting to get a look at some of the prospects for the first time. Just last week Irish assistant coach Charley Molnar popped in to see running back Jameel Poteat (5-foot-11, 200-pounds) and appears to have been impressed.

"The Notre Dame coaches said that they had heard about me, but they weren't sure about what I could do, so they came in to see for themselves," Poteat said. "My coach said that coach Molnar came by in the morning to get some information on me and said that he was going to come back in the afternoon to watch me run through some plays.

"In the afternoon he came back. I ran some routes against some of our seniors that are going to some Division I schools, and then we ran some team offense. My coach said that (Molnar) was impressed by my size and how I did different things; how I lined up at receiver and caught the ball. How I chipped blocked and did the little things. He thought I had quick feet, that I had good hips and he liked my acceleration and burst. He was real pleased with how I did, so he told my coach that they were going to verbal offer me and that they want me to come down in June to meet coach Kelly and see the campus."

Poteat already had plenty of college option with roughly 33 offers. Despite the Irish getting to the game late, Jameel is going to still take a look at them.

"I'm definitely going to leave the door open for ND," Poteat said. "I have a lot of respect for the program and the people that came out of the program. One of the backs from my school went there, Ricky Waters. He was real special there. That's a big plus and the tradition that Notre Dame has is crazy.

"Coach Kelly is such a good coach that I know the program is on the rise. I'll definitely give them a chance. It's just real big and it's an honor."

Poteat has been able to get out and see a couple schools, but he hasn't had a chance to visit Notre Dame. Now that it looks like he has an offer from the Irish, Jameel is making plans to get out to Notre Dame as well as a number of other schools.

"I saw Rutgers and Pitt," he explained. "I went to Penn State when they played Ohio State. This summer me and my dad are planning a little road trip. We're just going to head out and visit as many places as we can. I'd like ot visit USC, Washington, Florida, UConn, Notre Dame, Iowa, Syracuse, Rutgers, Pitt, Cincinnati, Wisconsin and some others schools.

"I really want to get to know the people in the area, because that's where I'm going to be going for the next four years. I want to interact with the players. I want to see how the players interact with each other. Is it a real tight team or is it a bunch of individuals." Top Stories