Tony the tornado

<P>Could he be the next Barry Sanders? Rumor has it that Kansas City (Rockhurst), MO prospect Tony Temple has many of the same skills. He has Sanders down to the number 20 he wears on his jersey. Temple is considered one of the top running back prospects in the country and he has the Irish listed as one of his favorites. Will the Irish sign the next Barry Sanders? </P>

Tony Temple is not afraid of the media and he has this interview thing down to a science. "It's nice to be compared to Barry Sanders. That is some big shoes to fill. I have just always approached it as one season at a time." In typical "Bull Durham" fashion, Temple shakes off the hype as a guy just happy to be invited to the party. He has been well prepared for what is about to come, the interviews.

Temple also knows that he is a talented guy. "I watch clips on the internet of the best backs out there. I am honored and flattered that people compare me to those guys. I am excited about this. It's exciting to know that these schools are interested in me. It has been crazy the last month but I think I will get used to it."

The Rockhurst star has made a name for himself on the gridiron. He is listed at 5-10, 195 pounds and just ran a 4.34 at school two weeks ago. He rushed for 2,035 yards, 35 touchdowns and 9.1 yards per carry last year. He is just as interested in an education. "Education is very important to me. Football doesn't last forever. My Mom wanted me to go to Rockhurst for this reason. She wants me to prepare myself for life in case football doesn't work out."

The star tailback says he isn't sure what his core g.p.a. is but says he has about a 3.1 accumulative and scored a 21 on the practice test for the ACT. He should qualify.

Temple hasn't begun to narrow his list down. "I am so open to everyone right now. I get a lot of letters and my coach is always telling me about all these schools interested in me. I just want to focus on my season and winning the state championship again. I am interested in some schools right now but I am open to anyone who is interested in me. I have been keeping recruiting in the back of my mind right now. I just want to make sure I make the right decision."

Temple will eventually have to make that final decision. He isn't sure how soon that will come. "I want to take my time. I want to make the right choice for me. I think it will be a late decision because I want to see a lot of schools and make sure I am making the right decision for me. I will sit down with my family and my coach and decide."

Tony said he doesn't plan to attend any camps this summer. "We work very hard at Rockhurst and I want to stick around and workout with my teammates. I am focused on winning the state championship again. My coach said not to worry about camps. He said when these college coaches see my film, they will be impressed and I don't need to attend any camps to get their attention." Everyone knows about "Tony the Tornado."

Will the Irish sign the next Barry Sanders? "My family is just as excited about this as I am. My whole family is pushing me towards Notre Dame so I will take a hard look at them. I am open though and I want to look at all the schools that I am interested in."

Comments. The comments section is my thoughts on each prospect and not thoughts from the prospect. Tony Temple fits the classic mold of a Notre Dame kid. He is a very polite, well-spoken young athlete that would fit in well at Notre Dame. I do think he has a sincere interest in Notre Dame but I also think Tony wants to look at all his options before he makes a decision. He is a smart kid and I think he understands the value of an education. He should excel both on the field and in the classroom in college. I think Notre Dame should be in the race for his signature until the end.

I was fortunate to have a friend send me some tape of Temple playing in the state championship game. I call him "Tony the Tornado" because he blows through defenses just like the Midwest phenomenon. He stops, changes direction and darts just as unpredictable as any tornado and nobody is safe in his path. Top Stories