Atkinson Looking At ND

George Atkinson from Granada High School (Livermore, Calif.) has the athletic ability to be a force on either side of the ball in college and he holds scholarship offers from all over the country including Notre Dame.

George Atkinson (6-foot-2, 195-pounds) knows a handful of players that played at Notre Dame as well as the academic reputation of the school, but admittedly he doesn't know a lot about the school at this time. In the coming months Atkinson plans to make that change.

"I like the school. I was excited about the offer and I'm just trying to find out more about them right now," Atkinson said. "The No. 1 thing that pops out to me is their business school is one of the best in the country. I like their history and the new coaching staff. They just need to get back to the winning ways.

"I don't see any cons about their program. They have a new coaching staff coming into the program, but a lot of schools have new coaches coming in. I just want to see how they do this year and play off that. If they do great next year and you can tell that they're making progress, that's important. How they're playing next year will play a big role in my decision.

"They're recruiting me as a running back or wide receiver. I want to find out what their needs are and how I fit into their program and their offense. It's important to see how I would cope with going from California to the Midwest. It's basically seeing if I feel comfortable. I'll definitely take one of my official visits there."

Atkinson has had an opportunity to visit several schools, but it's still early in the recruiting process for him. With nearly 20 scholarship offers, he wants to make certain that he checks out all of his options before making his decision.

"Right now it's at the relationship building phase with Notre Dame," Atkinson explained. "They're all the way on the Midwest and I've been in California my whole life. I'm just looking forward to getting out of California and experiencing new things. I'm pretty open to the whole recruiting process.

"I went to UCLA, Cal, and Oregon. I'm planning to take a few more visits to places like USC and some others. By summer I'm going to sit down and evaluate the schools that I have offers from and hopefully have a top five at that time. And then I'll take my official visits." Top Stories