Rabasa Receives Surprise From ND

Anthony Rabasa hadn't heard much from Notre Dame over the past month and a half, but that all changed last Friday and as Irish stopped into see the linebacker from Christopher Columbus High School (Miami, Fla.)

Over the past month Anthony Rabasa (6-foot-3, 215-pounds) started to think that Notre Dame wouldn't be an option for him when he selected where he'd play his college football. After a surprise visit from Irish defensive coordinator Bob Diaco and offensive line coach Ed Warriner, Rabasa has that option.

"Things are going real good. I got my offer on Friday," Rabasa responded when asked about his contact with Notre Dame. "It was a big surprise. Honestly until Friday I hadn't heard much from them. Coach Merritt sent me a text and told me to come to his office. He generally doesn't tell me who it is, I just show up to his office. He told me that there were coaches here to see me. I walked into his office and saw that it was Notre Dame and I was like, ‘Wow, I hadn't heard much from you guys in awhile.' "I was very happy to see them and I was very excited to get the offer from them. I was hoping for an offer, but I hadn't heard much from them and all of a sudden it came in. They're definitely up there now.

Rabasa has 22 scholarship offers in hand and he's being recruited to play either defensive end or outside linebacker at the next level. "In college I think that I can do both," Rabasa said. "I think I'm a great pass rusher and if you put me at outside linebacker I think I can blitz… I can do it all. I think I could do well at either position.

"When I met with them Coach Diaco and coach Warriner and they told me that I was a perfect fit for what they're looking for at outside linebacker and that I could fit right into their defense. They said that I was exactly what they want and need and said that they'd be sending the offer to coach Merritt this week.

Once he has the Irish offer in hand, Rabasa intends on calling the Notre Dame coaching staff to schedule an unofficial visit. "We haven't talked on the phone yet, but as soon as the offer letter gets in I'm going to give coach Diaco a call. I'm definitely planning on scheduling a visit, I'm just waiting for the official offer to come in.

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