Drawing Interest From Around the Country

Patrick Flavin's offer sheet has ballooned to 23 and that number may increase in the coming days. The offensive lineman from the Benet Academy (Lisle, Ill.) is still hoping the Irish jumped into the mix.

It wasn't long ago that Patrick Flavin (6-foot-7, 260-pounds) was sitting on a single scholarship offer and that was from Ball State. After receiving two big offers at the beginning of April, Flavin has seen his stock skyrocket.

"Things have picked up the last couple of months, so I'm pretty happy with how things are going. I think I'm up to around 23 offers," Flavin said. There are a lot of new schools that are picking up interest right now. Miami, Florida State, Penn State, and BYU are all of big ones. They're going to be back in the office this week and they're going to make all of their decisions. Miami was just at my school. When I hear from all of them, that's really when I'll be able to make an informed decision about where I stand with everybody.

"I'm having a blast with it all. Every coach that I meet I come away thinking that they're a great guy and they are. Seeing different parts of the country is real cool. I think seeing what every place has to offer is a lot of fun too. I've been given a great opportunity athletically and academically, so it's definitely a huge blessing. The whole process can get kind of hectic with school, but I have finals next week, so once summer comes I'll be able to enjoy it a lot more because my main focus will be recruiting and finding the best place for me. … So I'm having a great time with it."

The Irish have commitments from three offensive linemen for the 2011 recruiting class, and have yet to extend an offer to Flavin, but he's hoping they jump into the mix soon.

"Coach Martin was in my school a couple weeks ago," Flavin said. "It was after Matt Hegarty committed. I thought he was going to drop the bomb on me and tell me that they weren't going to recruit anymore offensive linemen, but he came in and said that I'm right in the mix and that he and coach Warinner were really pushing for me. I was really happy to hear that, so I've kept in touch with him and coach Warinner ever since. I kind of leak an email out here and there and call once in awhile to see what's up. I think they're still waiting to hear from a few of the guys that they've offered, but it's sounds like I might be in the next group.

"I'm still hoping things work out. They're going to get back in the office this week and put everyone up on the board and go from there. It's a numbers game and coach Warinner told me that they may take one more offensive lineman, maybe two. I guess they're looking for tackles and I think that kind of gives me an edge… I'm still hoping for the best."

Flavin is still considering making an appearance at the Notre Dame summer football camp in June, but that will depend on which schools he decides to visit once school ends.

"I think I'm going to start nailing things down towards the end of June, once I know where I am with everyone," Flavin explained. "I think I'm just kind of doing my research on everybody, especially the schools outside of the Midwest. I grew up watching schools like Illinois, Notre Dame and Purdue. Schools like N.C. State and Cal, I really don't know too much about except what the coaches have told me about them. So I'm going to get out and see some of the schools for myself and that should give me a good idea where they stand.

"I have a few schools in mind that I'd like to visit. I think I'll go out to see Cal and then see some of the other schools on the West Coast like Oregon and Washington. My parents want me to get out to Boston College and hopefully I'll make an East Coast tour. Once I know for sure where everybody is, I'm sure I'll have a better idea of which schools I'll visit."

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